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The All NEW Angry Trainer Fitness Turns 3!
November 13, 2013

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the all NEW Angry Trainer Fitness! Wow time is just flying by. This past year seems to…

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Ask Alfonso: Which Reps Are Best?
March 21, 2011

Hi Alfonso, I’m a 21- year old male and I workout regularly. My question is thi s- how often should I…

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Fit Studio - Sears
January 3, 2011

Hey everyone! Remember way back in 2010 I kept teasing you with some big news! Well here it is… I’m thrilled…

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December 9, 2010

It’s time for another installment of “Why Your Workout Isn’t Working”, our weekly guide to those of you struggling in the gym! My original intention with putting together this strand of postings was to help those of you that had great intentions, but for one reason or another just couldn’t get results from your exercise program. Over the years I’ve done a lot right on the workout front – but I’ve also made a LOT of mistakes – so I’m hoping you can benefit from my experience.

Previously we’ve discussed the importance of goal setting, correct exercise selection, consistency, and intensity (or how hard you bust your butt in the gym). Let’s assume you’ve taken my advice and you have all of these components in check. Yet still you just aren’t making the progress you’d like, or which you had expected. So, what gives? What now? Let me introduce you to the most overlooked and underrated component of many exercises programs – say hello to REST!

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November 29, 2010

I’m 34 years old and work out on a regular basis at my local gym.

Recently I’ve noticed a few guys using kettlebell’s on the gym floor, swinging them around and working up quite a sweat!

I must admit I’m a bit ignorant when it comes to kettlebells and don’t really know what they do! Are they to help you bulk up – or do they help you lose weight? Do you need a range of weights – as you do with dumbbells – or do you use the same weight all the time? And how exactly do you use them? Do you have any kind of kettle bell routine you could recommend to me Alfonso?

Finally what do you think of kettlebell’s in general Alfonso? What are the advantages and disadvantages of them compared to dumbbells? And are they for girls as well as guys (my girlfriend wants to give them a go)

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November 24, 2010

Hopefully you’ve been following our regular ‘Why Your Workout Isn’t Working’ feature and trying to apply some of my tips to get the most out of your time spent exercising. If you’re doing everything right you should be starting to see some results. So let’s assume you’ve set great goals, have chosen the right ways to exercise and you’ve been really consistent. Yet you still haven’t seen or felt a lot of improvement. What could be going wrong? Here’s a thought… are you training with enough INTENSITY?

Intensity, or how hard you push yourself, is key to achieving great results. It’s not enough to be at the gym 5 days a week if you’re practically sleeping while you’re there or moving at a snails pace. Think about it next time you’re at your local gym – how many people do you see really challenging themselves, or pushing themselves to be stronger? Compare that with the number of people you see strolling on the treadmill reading a magazine, or hanging out in the corner chatting it up. Do you see my point? I’ve frequented the same gyms for the last twenty years and pop in occasionally at various locations for a nostalgic workout. It amazes me that I still see some of the same people exercising from 5, 10, even 15 years ago that are more out of shape and overweight now than when I last saw them, even though they workout regularly and have trainers.

I view intensity as a measure of your own personal output of strength, energy level, focus and concentration as you perform various exercises. The higher the level of intensity, I believe the more efficient your workout becomes and the sooner results become noticeable. Everyone has his or her own unique level of intensity, as what is hard or challenging for you may not necessarily be so for a friend. And you know when you’re busting it – and when you’re slacking off.

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November 18, 2010

I love the site and all the great information you’re putting out there – you’re a really fresh breath of air, unlike a lot of the muscle sites I see.

I’m in my late 20’s and really want to muscle up in the New Year – so I’d love to find some great fitness books to read over the holidays to get me inspired. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any really good ones!

A lot of the books I see are by celebrities, celebrity trainers or hardcore bodybuilders and full of training programs from the 70’s! Or they seem really flimsy and full of photographs or exercise descriptions – you know the basic stuff that a lot of people already know!

I just wondered if you’d come across any great books over the years that you could recommend. Also I’m on the lookout for some books with healthy – but simple – recipes I can cook at home…. Again any advice!

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November 13, 2010

My father is 64 years old and never lifted a weight in his life.

He’s been overweight for much of his adult life but since he turned 50 he’s really started piling on the pounds. Dad’s 5’8” and weighs 230 lbs. Most of the weight seems concentrated around his belly, which protrudes massively over his belt. My parents are divorced and dad lives on his own.

I’ve tried to get him to the gym countless times but he’s just not interested. He says he walks and that’s all the exercise he needs!

I have three brothers and sisters and they say he’s never going to change his ways so I should just give up. But I can’t help but think he’s going to die before his time (how many overweight 70 year olds do you see?) Then we’ll all be sorry.

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