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Hello and welcome! I’m career certified personal trainer Alfonso Moretti aka ‘The Angry Trainer’. What makes me different? It’s simple. I’ve taken my 24 years of experience in the fitness industry and created a website to share what I’ve learned and experienced over the last two decades – both with clients and in my own personal fitness journey. I’m dedicated to telling the TRUTH about the fitness industry – what works AND more importantly what doesn’t.

The fact is EVERYONE wants to be fitter and healthier – but people are confused. They don’t know what to eat, how to exercise or who to believe. So they opt for short cuts and easy fixes, many times out of desperation. The result?  Two thirds of our nations population is overweight or obese.

My goal is to give people the tools and information they need to take charge of their health, fitness, future and life.

For over 20 years I was based in the New York Tri- State area. I’ve worked in fitness centers, private studios in suburbia and spent many years in home training. In 2014 I moved to Southern California, the fitness capital of the world.

I’m now living my dream and working in an exclusive Beverly Hills training facility. I’m very proud to say that I’ve authored my first book  ‘Shut Up and Work Out!’ and a second book is on the way! 

So have a look around the site. Enjoy. And welcome again to The Angry Trainer.


Workout with Alfonso in a state of the art facility
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Simply fill out an online consultation form and Alfonso
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  • ‘Alfonso has provided me with the knowledge, intensity and training discipline I require, allowing me to find the edge I had been searching for after serving 13 years in the Australian Special Forces’.

    – Anonymous
  • ‘I’m rubbish at working out and had never found a trainer I stuck with until I met Alfonso. The sessions are fun but testing at the same time and it has made it easier for me to attend regularly.

    – Amy T, named Top 50 Most Influential people in Electronic Dance Music by Rolling Stone
  • ‘Working out with Alfonso is different everyday, harder everyday and I look forward to it everyday.’

    – Jeff H, STARZ President of Global Marketing
  • ‘With my travel schedule, fitting in a full fitness schedule tailored to exactly what I need is hard to find and Alfonso nailed it!’

    – Alesso, world renown DJ


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