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The Top 10: Signs You Had A Kickass Workout!
August 12, 2013

In my last two Top 10 posts I poked some fun at common gym behavior and gave some clues on recognizing…

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Ways To Perform A Burpee-ATF
ATF Classic: The Top 10 Ways To Perform Burpees!
May 5, 2013

You all know how much I love my burpees! I use them nearly every workout in some form or fashion as…

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Top 10: Reasons Your Workouts Suck!
February 12, 2013

I like to ‘stir stuff up’ when giving feedback to people about their training program, you know…make them think a bit….

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ATF Classic: The Top 10 Holiday Diet Dangers!
December 24, 2012

Tis the season…to get fat that is! I’m sorry but it’s true. I’d take a guess that millions of Americans will…

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Alfonso Moretti - Top 10-Mat floor Exercises
ATF Classic: Top 10 Mat / Floor Exercises Video
November 4, 2012

Today I’m sharing another Classic ATF post that is worth taking a look at again. Last September I posted this mat…

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Top 10: Ways To Get Your Kids Into Fitness
September 30, 2012

  With the obesity rate set to hit nearly 40% in the next 30 years, it’s clear that we as a…

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Alfonso Moretti - Figure 8 Workout
Top 10: Angry Trainer Fitness Workout Videos
September 3, 2012

  Hey there – it’s Top 10 time again! We figured it was time to bring back one of our most…

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Top 10: Body Weight Exercises
June 3, 2012

Years ago I thought that body weight exercises were a waste of time and that if your workout didn’t include some…

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