Testing The Trainers: Cathe Friedrich
January 23, 2013

Last week I asked all of you who your favorite fitness personality was – and why!  One name that came up…

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Tracy Anderson
ATF Classic: The Tracy Anderson Method!
January 16, 2013

Time for another ATF Classic and is one of my most controversial – and popular posts – from back in 2010!…

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The Angry Trainer Turns 39!
December 19, 2012

I did just write that headline right? Man I’m 39 and it seems really odd to me. In all seriousness I…

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A Few Words From Alfonso
December 17, 2012

It’s Monday and the start to this workweek doesn’t feel right. I live mere minutes from Sandy Hook, the site…

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Drink Soda And Lose Weight? Seriously?
November 13, 2012

  Yes you’ve read the title correctly. As you may have heard today, PepsiCo is releasing the Pepsi ‘Special” in Japan…

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sarah-palin-cook book
Sarah Palin: Fitness Expert?
October 10, 2012

She’s back! So this morning I saw a segment about Sarah Palin on The Today Show while performing some HIIT training…

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Jennifer Livingston: Too Fat For TV?
October 4, 2012

By now you’ve probably heard all about Jennifer Livingston, the local news anchor who sparked a massive debate this week after…

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Locker room nudity
Angry Issues: Locker Room Nudity – Okay Or Out Of Order?
September 29, 2012

  Time to get a little… naked here at Angry Trainer Fitness! Today I thought I’d raise the topic of locker…

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