Ask Alfonso: Do Squats REALLY Make Your Butt Bigger?
January 22, 2014

Hi Alfonso! So…do squats really make your bum bigger? Or is it a myth? I’d kill for a bum like Jen…

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Ask Alfonso: Am I Working Out At The WRONG Time?
January 30, 2013

Alfonso, As I’ve learned, you burn most fat when working out first thing in the morning before a meal. I usually…

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Ask Alfonso: How Can I Make Exercise More Fun?
January 22, 2013

  Alfonso, I recently started my fitness adventure. I currently weigh 300 lbs. (down 10 lbs.) Wooooo! I have been following…

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Ask Alfonso: Oatmeal – Is It REALLY Good For Me?
January 14, 2013

Hey Alfonso, So it has always seemed like oatmeal is the magical breakfast and an important staple of a healthy diet….

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Nauseous during workout
Ask Alfonso: My Friend Works Out Until He’s Sick!
January 7, 2013

  Hello Alfonso, I have a serious question regarding a friend of mine. My friend – somewhat proudly – told me…

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Ask Alfonso: How Do I Exercise Around A Back Injury
January 2, 2013

  Hey Alfonso, I had a back injury a year ago and was told not to perform my workout while standing…

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Ask Alfonso: How Do I Motivate My Lazy Son?
December 28, 2012

  Hi Alfonso, I love what you’re doing Alfonso… it’s about time people smarten up and hear some cold hard facts…

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Ask Alfonso: Is My Pre-Workout Supplement Causing Me Head Pains?
December 26, 2012

  Hey Alfonso, Alfonso I’m a HUGE fan of yours and have learned so much from reading your site. With your…

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