Infomercial Insanity: TapouT XT
July 19, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts on a popular infomercial product or fitness DVD. So today I’m talking…

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Infomercial Insanity: The Tummy Tuck Belt
June 21, 2012

We haven’t run an Infomercial Insanity post here on the site for a while now – so I thought we were…

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ATF Classic: My First Infomercial Insanity!
June 7, 2012

Today I’m introducing a new strand here at Angry Trainer Fitness called ATF Classic! Since we launched the ATF site in…

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Doug Reinhardt
Product Review: RKS Kettlebell Systems
May 24, 2012

Check out my photo in the top right hand corner of the Angry Trainer Fitness home page, and you’ll see me…

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Infomercial Insanity: Tracy Anderson / Metamorphosis
May 8, 2012

In case you don’t remember, one of my very first Testing The Trainer reviews here on the site was about Tracy…

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weight -loss-Body-Wrap
Infomercial Insanity: Weight Loss Body Wraps
May 1, 2012

While driving in my car a few weeks ago I heard a radio infomercial for a breakthrough weight loss system. It…

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Infomercial Insanity: Sensa
March 29, 2012

Time for another Infomercial Insanity here at Angry Trainer Fitness, where I take on another health and fitness product and tell…

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Angry Issues: Which Protein Bars Taste The Best – And Worst?
February 28, 2012

  Let’s face it – eating right all the time can be hard. There are temptations everywhere and sometimes you can’t…

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