Change It Up: Become UN-Balanced!
November 12, 2012

  Last week I talked about Uneven Loading and how in real life, we don’t always carry exactly the same weight…

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Angry Issues: How Long Do You Rest Between Sets?
November 6, 2012

You know what? I’m a people watcher, especially in the gym. I like to look around and see what everyone is…

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Change It Up: Uneven Loading!
November 5, 2012

There’s a term thrown around quite a bit within the fitness industry – it’s called ‘Functional Fitness’. I’m sure you’ve heard…

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Infomercial Insanity: The Spin Gym
October 25, 2012

  It’s time for another Infomercial Insanity post where I take a look at a popular fitness product and give my…

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Change It Up: Get Out Of The Reps Rut!
October 22, 2012

  I’m sure you all know the ‘conventional wisdom’ when it come to training reps – low weight and high reps…

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Fitness Fact Or Fiction: If I’m Sweating My Workout Is Working, Right?
October 17, 2012

Time for another Fitness Fact Or Fiction here at ATF, where I try and untangle the truth behind a long-standing fitness…

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Change It Up: No Eating After 8!
October 16, 2012

Time for another Change It Up – where I throw out another SIMPLE tip that could have a big effect on…

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chest magic
Infomercial Insanity: Chest Magic
October 9, 2012

  Over the years we’ve seen hundreds of infomercial products designed to target the abs and deliver users that much desired…

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