pre workout meal
Fitness Fact Or Fiction: Can You Exercise Right After Eating?
January 3, 2013

I’d have to say that one of the biggest mistakes that trainees make is with the timing of their pre-workout meal….

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Fitness Fact Or Fiction: Does Thick Rope Training Work?
December 18, 2012

  One of the most popular fitness tools going is the thick rope. You’ve seen everyone from professional athletes to kids…

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Fitness Fact Or Fiction: Do Epsom Bath Salts Actually Work?
December 13, 2012

At the end of one of my classes yesterday, one participant told another to go home and soak in an Epsom…

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Is My 2013 Training On Track? Kevin’s Plans
December 12, 2012

  About a week ago I reached out to my Angry readers to see who would like to have their 2013…

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Testing The Trainers: Body Beast
December 11, 2012

  It seems like every day the Beach Body company is coming out with a new fitness program to merchandise and…

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Is My 2013 Training On Track? Andrea’s Plans…
December 5, 2012

  Time for a new strand here at Angry Trainer Fitness and I think this one’s perfect for all of you…

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Fitness Fact Or Fiction: Does Slow Lifting Produce Better Results?
November 29, 2012

  A few years ago I saw a fitness guru on television preaching the benefits of super slow repetitions. He even…

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Fitness Fact Or Fiction: If I Stop Exercising For A Month, Will I Lose All My Gains?
November 13, 2012

  You know some of us fitness enthusiasts can be a little crazy! I’m certainly the first to admit I can…

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