Career personal trainer and fitness personality Alfonso ‘The Angry Trainer’ Moretti is separating fitness facts from fiction.

After more than two decades in the fitness industry, Moretti is sharing what he’s learned through thousands of personal and professional training sessions.

Alfonso crushes the most popular fitness myths and challenges conventional wisdom. In Shut Up and Work Out! The Angry Trainer tells you what works AND more importantly what doesn’t.

Does yoga make you long and lean? Is red meat unhealthy? Should you stretch before your workout? Is running the best for weight loss? Are detox diets healthy? Will women get bulky if they lift weights? And so much more….

Moretti is tired of seeing more people fail than succeed when trying to improve their health and fitness. The fact is EVERYONE wants to be fitter and healthier – but people have been misled and are confused. They don’t know how to exercise, what to eat or who to believe.

In this groundbreaking expose, The Angry Trainer will make you rethink much of what you once thought to be true in the world of health and fitness.

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