By: Alfonso

October 2, 2010

So here’s a new feature we’re launching on Angry Trainer Fitness where we count down the Top 10 contenders in a key category – chosen by yours truly!

Now a lot of magazines and websites love to talk about Fit Celebrity Bodies. Normally they pick the usual suspects like LL Cool J, Matthew McConaughey and Chris Evans. But we like to do things a little differently here at the Angry Trainer – so here’s my list of the 10 Fittest Men Over 50… because you truly can be fit at ANY age…

My rationale in selecting men was to find guys who throughout their career have always managed to stay fit, toned, and in shape, not for a role, not for a show, but for LIFE. Some of these guys I used to watch on TV more than 20 years ago! To say that they still look great now is an understatement.

Youth provides all of us with a bit more forgiveness on the exercise front, so when I see men in their 50’s and older looking great, I know it’s because they chose to take care of themselves and made a commitment to health and fitness. So here we go… in no particular order…except for #1.

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