Did any of you watch The Biggest Loser finale last night? I’ll cut to the chase. Rachel Frederickson, a former competitive swimmer is getting a lot of attention today and she is whom I’m referring to in my post title.  Rachel became the ‘winner’ of NBC’s hit show after losing 60% of her bodyweight. But when she came out I gasped and my heart sank.  Rachel looked to be border-line anorexic. She is too thin and not healthy looking at all.

Rachel shocked everyone when she walked out.

Rachel shocked everyone when she walked out.

I felt sadness.

I’ve had ups and down with my thoughts on BL for years – you all know that. And I’ve said that I think it does a  good job in motivating the viewing public. Look, the show has been on for years – they’re doing something right.

But what I saw I saw last night scared me.

The looks on their faces say it all...

The looks on their faces say it all…

I can tell you that I don’t blame Bob, Jillian or Dolvett. I watched most of this season and all of their reinforcement and pep talks of improving health and fitness were on point. I’m sure that the three of them would not support such radial weight loss. In truth if the contestants stayed on the ranch, they would never have reached such low bodyweights. Rachel’s severe weight loss happened while she WASN’T on the ranch.

I can tell you this with certainty, in order for Rachel to reach that much weight loss – she starved herself and worked out for hours per day. After all, she was trying to win $250,000 right?

Rachel lost 60% of her bodyweight.

Rachel lost 60% of her bodyweight.

And this is what I’ve said all along. We all know people who are obese have an addiction problem. They use food as a drug to cope and deal with issues and emotions. Being on the ranch may help trade one obsessive behavior for another. I’m sure many of the contestants become addicted to exercise and essentially just pick up a new vice. And as such they need to be watched carefully. If you don’t learn to realistically incorporate exercise and fitness into your lifestyle, the probability of having a healthy outlook on your future fitness is slim. It’s truly a delicate balance.

That’s my opinion.

And let me ask you this  – would you starve yourself and over-exercise for $250,000? I know I would. No it’s not realistic nor does it help increase your fitness. And it may potentially harm you. But it’s $250,000 right!? I almost view these finale weigh in’s in the same way that actors prepare for a role by losing weight. And I know that the $250,000 prize taints the motives of contestants. How can it not? It’s ok when Mathew McConaughey drops a ton of weight for a role right? What’s the difference?

Rachel and former self

Rachel and former self

The end results is to win the title of Biggest Loser, money and fame. That’s the truth.

Contestants will do whatever it takes to win, even if it’s unhealthy. Again, wouldn’t you?

I can say with near certainty that Rachel will not maintain her winning bodyweight. It’s clear that she is gaunt, weak looking and truthfully not only am I worried about her physical health, but her mental health as well.

I get that this is a television show. I’m a bit softer in my opinion of it than I was years ago because I do feel that it has helped a lot of people. BUT with that said, I feel there is still a lot of room for improvement with regards to ensuring the contestants learn to view their health and fitness as the real prize, not a suitcase full of money.

What do you think? Did Rachel lose too much weight?

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