Have you seen all of the recent media attention that Instagram ‘star’ Jen Selter is getting? Apparently some people are saying that Ms. Selter is the ‘Next Jillian Michaels’.

I have some thoughts…

Where do I begin? Ok. Let me first tell you about the Instagram ‘star’. And I’m just going to be brutally honest. Jen is famous for one thing and one thing only – her ass. Yes her backside. Jen posts photo after photo after photo of her rear end. She arches her back, turns ¾ and takes freeze frame photos in the bottom of a squat position. In fact she often times only shows her booty and will either cut or blurr her face in pictures.

Jen is clearly trying to capatalize on her assets.

Jen's signature squat pose

Jen’s signature squat pose

Browse through her photos and read what all of the idiots (males) have to say to her. And when people speak of Selter, they are referencing one thing only.

Jen is NOT famous for her fitness routine, workouts, information she shares or anything related to fitness, exercise or health. NOTHING.

That’s the truth.

Everyone stands like this on an Elliptical, right?

Everyone stands like this on an Elliptical, right?

Yet she’s amazingly amassed over 2 MILLION Instagram followers, including some celebrities like Rihanna! And now the Legacy Agency is representing her as the next fitness superstar.

Say what?

Look. If you search Instagram you’ll find hundreds of beautiful women with amazing bodies and impressive followings that actually have some fitness and health information to share.

I hate to say it, but without her ass, Selter has nothing to offer. Her content ends at her waist. She offers nothing else to really speak of and certainly doesn’t exude fitness or portray she’s a fitness superstar.

Her video ‘workouts’ (I use that term loosely), which consist of nearly all lower body exercises including glute raises, more glutes raises, squats and more squats, are simply boring and dull. And she clearly lacks core / abdominal strength as evidence of her saggy back and anterior pelvic tilt when trying to perform pushups and planks. It’s probably a result of sticking her butt out in every picture she takes!

Overall it’s clear she is NOT a fitness expert or trainer. At all.

We all ride bikes in this position  too.

We all ride bikes in this position too.

I will give Jen props on one thing – her jumping ability. Watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.

And let’s not forget – Selter is just 20 years old! How the hell can she be a fitness expert? She barely knows what she’s doing in her own routine. AND…..she’s NEVER worked as a trainer or holds any certifications. In fact in a recent interview she said she plans on getting certified!

Yet supposedly she is the next big fitness personality? This is the person who news articles are reporting could be the next Jillian? Come on now.

Selter blurred her face and legs in this pic. Focus >>>Butt!

Selter blurred her face and legs in this pic. Focus >>>Butt!

Some porn stars on Instagram have millions of followers and great bodies. I don’t think it’s a leap to compare and say some of Selters photos look quite similar. Perhaps we should see if any of the porn ‘actresses’ want to break into the fitness industry? And to be clear, Jen is not the only Instagram fitness celebrity using her assets. A quick search will  yield many women selling fitness, barely clothed, hip bones exposed, with nearly no fitness education or experience as a trainer.

Overall I’m disgusted with the Legacy Agency and the fact that they’re going to try to manufacture Jen Selter into something she’s not. And of course it’ll come at the expense of the American public’s hard earned cash.

I get heated with instances like these because there is already so much misinformation and myths surrounding health and fitness. The list of celebrity trainers and fitness personalities is long. And yet we as a nation are still fat, deconditioned, out of shape and unhealthy.

Weak Abs / Core.

Weak Abs / Core.

Jen Selter is no personal trainer. She’s certainly NOT the next Jillian by any stretch. She’s a 20 year old that works out. Sure she exercises and she looks great. But just because a person works out doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing or that they know how to train others and share usable information in a relatable way. That takes years of experience.

She is what she is – a girl with an unusually large and shapely rear that’s famous for taking photos of her ass.

That’s it.