Well well well. I’m back! It’s been quite some time since my last TV fitness product review. But when I saw the Fluidity infomercial one morning, I just about choked and quickly remembered why I’m The Angry Trainer!

Let me explain…

The Program

When the Fluidity infomercial starts, we see women giving testimonials of losing 60 pounds and double digit inches from use of “Hollywoods Hottest New Workout”. It plays out just like every other product infomercial we see. Later on some ‘real life users’ (alleged) give accounts of getting too bulky using weights, not getting results on prior programs and failing in their quest to lose weight and shape their body. That is until they found the Fluidity Bar!

Amazing Results With Just TWO 30 Minute Full Body Fluidity Workouts!

Amazing Results With Just TWO 30 Minute Full Body Fluidity Workouts!

Michelle Austin is the fitness ‘expert’ that has created this amazing secret system that dancers have used for years to maintain lean, strong, proportionate and shapely bodies.

Michelle explains that dancers get their amazing bodies by standing at a ballet bar and using their bodyweight for exercise. Plus, she guarantees results in just two 30 minute workouts per week. Apparently her system delivers results like no other form of exercise.

Forward the video to around the 11 minute mark – that’s when the real fun begins!

Ms. Austin then reveals that the reason her system produces ‘whole body’ results is due to what she calls ‘muscle integration’ – a dancers secret. Muscle integration (according to the fitness expert) is ‘forcing the muscles to coordinate and work together’. Michelle then shows us what muscle integration looks like and we see a series of exercises that target the legs, abs, waist and a lot more. Well at least she claims they target those areas.

It seems that Fluidity is simply amazing! Not only does it provide true functional fitness, at $480 it’s a steal!

The Angry Trainer Says

Where do I start with this garbage? I’m truthfully having a hard time putting what I want to say into words. I have a million thoughts, none of which are nice, running through my head.

A dancers secret? Hollywoods Hottest New Workout? A + ratings? Muscle Integration? ABSOLUTLEY NOT.

How Michelle Austin has brought this ‘bar’ to market and keeps a straight face in the video is beyond me. She doesn’t even know basic exercise body mechanics. For instance – the first lame pose that she claims works the ‘entire body’ does virtually NOTHING! Yet she seems to think and tells everyone that it’s working the back of the body? Then she goes on to say that the Fluidity system makes the weaker muscles become more dominant and the stronger muscles back off because the body knows…Say what?

Then comes the icing on the cake – Austin says ‘Do you know why strength training makes you bulky?…because you isolate’, and she has a look on her face like she’s just educated the women in the video on something magical.

Uh no, bodybuilders isolate muscle groups in an attempt to make them grow. TRUE strength training programs actually fit her made up terminology of ‘muscle integration’ a heck of a lot more than hanging off the back of a bar and pulsing your legs!

There is NOTHING Functional About This!

There is NOTHING Functional About This!

Fluidity is also promoted as the only workout that also works the muscles on back of the body. In fact the website says it superior to Yoga and Pilates for this very reason. Well, it’s clear Michelle has never taken either class. If she had and was knowledgeable enough to know human anatomy, she’d know there are plenty of movements in both forms that focus on the posterior side, spinal alignment and posture.

What’s worse is that in my opinion the back of the body gets nearly ZERO work with Fluidity! Saying that the system delivers true functional fitness is literally wrong. There is NOTHING functional about Fluidity Bar or the ‘system’. Nothing. These are not my opinions – these are facts.

Michelle Austin doesn’t even comprehend which muscles are called to work during a pushup! Watch the video – she’s clueless. And she claims that the “Pretzel’ pose spot reduces fat around the waist. Please, shoot me now.

Fitness 'Expert' Michelle Austin

Fitness ‘Expert’ Michelle Austin

Some of the positions look like something a contortionist would try in Cirque Du Soleil and are just silly. Honestly, this is madness! I’ve never seen such blatant out right lying and misinformation being shared. You won’t lose weight or inches with this junk.

This lady is a problem for the fitness industry. Her publicist has landed her on the Today Show, Donny Deutch and she’s been given undeserving accolades by numerous publications. The exercise physiologist in the video that gives this ‘program’ a thumbs up should be ashamed of himself. And what’s worse is that Michelle has probably made millions off of women’s desperation to lose weight

I don’t believe for a moment that Austin doesn’t know she’s misleading people. To suggest that the Fluidity Bar workouts burn more total calories and fat than traditional cardio exercises like running is absurd! Then again this is coming from the fitness ‘expert’ who says that everybody knows that pushups only work the front of the arms and that pullups work the back of the arms!

Hey Michelle, here’s a free lesson. Pushups train the shoulders, triceps (those are the upper BACK part of your arms), chest and core. Pullups work the biceps (the FRONT of the arms), forearms, shoulders, entire back and core. OK? Free lesson is over.

Are you kidding me! I’m honestly shocked at how bad this program is and the lack of basic knowledge Michelle displays.I think it’s the worst I’ve ever seen. Her muscle integration terminology is laughable and is made to sound fancy – it’s not. Nor are any of the exercises shown using the Fluidity bar accepted as meeting the standard for what TRUE integrated exercises are.

I’m clearly passionate about these series of postings I write on fitness infomercials. It angers me because I feel that not only do they rob people of their hard earned money, but also of their inspiration and hope.

That’s just not right.

This is Total Insanity!

The only thing that’ll be slimmer is your wallet!

It’s a very expensive clothes hanger.

Stay away from exercise programs geared towards vanity and promises or losing weight, inches and changing body types. Instead, focus your efforts on regimens that improve your health, fitness and true functionality.

You’re guaranteed to get results that will show and feel great.

Lastly, rememeber weight loss won’t happen if your diet and nutrition isn’t right – no matter what program you’re on. Got it?

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