Hi Everyone! Welcome to the all NEW Angry Trainer Fitness!

Wow time is just flying by. This past year seems to have disappeared in an eyes blink.

Last month the Angry Trainer Fitness site turned 3 years old and there have been a lot of changes since its inception.

When writing this I really had to think about what I wanted to say and share with all of you. A few months back I dealt with some challenging circumstances that affected me quite a bit. But like all life experiences I’ve learned, become stronger and will forge ahead.

And of course I can’t thank all of you enough for your amazing support.

I finally grew a beard. I look happy no?

I finally grew a beard. I look happy no?

I’ve decided to not talk about negatives and dwell on the past, but rather I’m going to focus on the positives and what the future holds.

But first let me talk about a few highlights.

I was asked by the Vermont State Police Academy to train the police recruits for three days. And let me tell you it was simply an amazing experience. The recruits really put out some serious effort and I’m honored to have been given the priveledge to meet them all.

And after many years of trying…I finally grew a beard! Yes I had a beard and well…it got a little out of hand. So I’m back to being my smooth faced self and am glad that after all these years I can now check “grew a beard” off my bucket list.

And in this last year I stepped on stage one more and LAST time. I finally had enough of the bodybuilding lifestyle and was very happy with how I placed. Did I win? Nope. Did I look good? Yep. More importantly I’m OK with not winning and truly happy with how I look today. More importantly I’m thrilled with my health and fitness and amazed at what my body can do.

As you know, with regards to this site, I am now partner, brand and ad free, meaning I work for NOBODY but myself. I don’t represent, promote any companies or accept payment for writing, blogging or posting pictures of products that I use. Rest assured that when I say something about a product it’s 100% genuine and authentic. If you recall I had issued an apology to all of your for getting a little ‘lost’.

With that said I do have some news to share.

Just last week I filmed an episode of The Bill Cunningham Show. I was the featured fitness expert and sat alongside Siggy Flicker, a renowned relationship expert. The show was about men who are addicted to exercise and how their obsessive routines were ruining their relationships. It was a great experience and my very first time being hired and recognized by a national network to speak about health and fitness. A producer for the show had seen me on a fitness and health segment that aired on CBS and instantly fell in love with The Angry Trainer!

I’ll be sure let you all know when it’s going to air.

One day after my last show.

One day after my last show.

I was also recently contacted by Livestrong.com and asked to shoot workout videos as a featured fitness expert. I have to say I was really happy with what was filmed and I’m looking forward to providing more content for the fitness giant. Let me tell you this – we shot 10 videos and it took about 6 hours. It was one of the hardest sessions I’ve ever had, but the final product is something I’m very proud of.

And I have to say it –  say that my life is changed. At the age of 39 I’m continually learning and improving my knowledge of fitness. I’ve recently run my fastest mile in nearly 15 years! I can jump 48” off the ground and more. My fitness is at an all time high, which when considering the fact that I’ve been at this for over 20 years is quite impressive.

I’m truly the best Alfonso Moretti…yet

I’ll be honest. I’ve failed A LOT in my professional life – and in my personal life as well. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to start and run my own studio twice and due to a several reasons, I’ve had no choice but to close the doors and think of a new game plan.

'How To Kip For Beginners' on Livestrong.com

‘How To Kip For Beginners’ on Livestrong.com

I’m FAR from perfect. I mean F-A-R. I have a really bad habit of making bad choices, some out of desperation, some without thinking and some, when I look back, I’m not quite sure what the hell I was thinking. I can honestly say that right now I’m in a great place in my life. My kids are great and getting so big. My professional life has grown and it seems like ATF is on the cusp of something big. I feel that I’ve remained true, authentic and still have a unique place in this industry.

More importantly, I’m making great choices in my personal life. I’ve struggled far too much and it’s been at my own hand. I can honestly say that now that I’m headed towards my brightest and most successful future. Great things are ahead! I know it. I want to thank all of you that have been 100% supportive of me, my life and this site, even in my lowest of moments.

My life is coming together, albeit a bit slow, but slow is better than no.

I'm The Paleo Cookie Master!

I’m The Paleo Cookie Master!

After all, you’re only a failure if you stop trying. I always say that failure is integral to success because it teaches what doesn’t work. I guess based on that mantra, I should be an expert by now!

I’m still trying. In fact I will always try. I believe that as long as you’re passionate with what you do, you will succeed.

In addition to all of that excitement, you’re also viewing the all-new Angry Trainer Fitness site for the first time! An overhaul and a fresh new look was long overdue. I don’t know about you, but I was really tired of the old homepage picture of me holding the kettlebells.

The Angry Trainer on CBS

The Angry Trainer on CBS

Many of you have followed and supported what I share for years now. And you also know that I’ve run this site for free nearly the entire time. I’ve never charged for posts, exercise videos or for answering questions when people from all over the world write in needing help. I had at one time worked as an ambassador for GNC, Reebok, Sears FitStudio and a few other companies that provided a little bit of income.

But as you know, that’s not the case anymore. I’ve terminated those relationships.

This is my life, my career and my true passion. I’ll always provide free content on the ATF site. But you may have noticed over the last few months I haven’t written very much because I simply don’t have as much time.

I had to think hard and form a new business plan. I love what I do, but like you, I have to make a living. I’ve got children to support, bills to pay and I need to provide a future for my family. So, the ATF site has a new addition.

My boys

My boys

In the next few weeks I’ll be offering a paid member section. I’ll continue to post twice per week on the ‘free’ version of this site, but the new member section will be quite a bit different. In that area you’ll find a new post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

I’ll be a little more ‘Angry’ and talk about some things that I wouldn’t necessarily discuss in the public forum. Think of the paid section as a way of communicating with me in more conversational tone as if we were in person having a discussion. After all, we’re friends right?

I landed a 48" Box Jump!

I landed a 48″ Box Jump!

In essence you’ll get the non – pc version (is there any other?) of what I think and feel. No topic will be off limits and you’ll hear what I really think without a filter. Celebrities, athletes, politics, news, trends and fads…I’ll cover it all.

Plus they’ll be at least ONE new video released per week that’ll consist of exercise and cooking demos, workouts and perhaps a little rant and rave here and there. I say at least once per week because I’m sure I’ll be spontaneously uploading videos during the week as new experiences occur.

The truth is that the paid member section will be like a journal of my life, experiences and thoughts. And it’ll provide a little more behind the scenes view and insight to the inner workings of Angry Trainer Fitness.

I absolutely love what I do. I’ve decided that the monthly fee for the paid section will be $9.99. They’ll be just one level of membership to start. So pay one price and you’re in. That’s it.

Now some of you may be turned off by off this decision. I feel that what I share is worth the same cost as two Starbucks Venti designer coffees PER MONTH. In fact I KNOW IT.

But whether you choose to opt in to the paid section or not, I will always be here for you, trying to provide content that helps in your fitness quest and life’s journey.

I’ve grown so much over these last few years.

I wish you all the best in life, in fitness and in health.

– Alfonso