Ways To Perform A Burpee-ATF

You all know how much I love my burpees! I use them nearly every workout in some form or fashion as they provide an awesome full body workout. And it seems that every trainer has a different way of performing them so today I’m sharing some of my ANGRY TRAINER versions. Get ready!

Performing burpees quite literally trains the entire body and multiple systems; muscles, heart, lungs – and your will if you push hard enough. So in this GNC Live Well sponsored video, I’m share 10 of my favorite variations of this great movement. And you know what? I have even more to show you down the line…!

So check out the video below – and here’s my 10 faves…

1.  Modified  – This is the burpee starting point. If you’ve got shoulder, knee or back issues, this is how you begin your burpee journey. Remember, take your time and move at your own pace. In the video, I’m on my feet as I lower myself to the ground, but if needed, drop onto your knees and perform a modified pushup as well.

2. Flat Belly – This is one of my favorites for sure and the most basic burpee to master. Getting this one right will set you up for future success in the more challenging varieties. I prefer the ‘flat belly’ style as opposed to the pushup burpee (where your chest doesn’t touch the ground) because it more closely resembles a sprawl in MMA and I like getting the spring up off the ground.

3. One Legged – So you’ve mastered the flat belly burpee – now what? Well, try jumping back on just one leg! This will increase the need for core stability, balance and also challenge your upper body musculature a bit more as well. Be sure you remember to switch legs during the set or perform multiple sets of each.

4. Twisting Plank – Now we’re getting fancy! This is a great variation to try. It’s basically the same as your regular old flat belly, but this time when you jump back you twist your torso and land in a side plank position! Sounds like fun right! This will hit your oblique’s (love handles) core and abs in a totally new way, plus due to body positioning, you’ll be performing a totally new version of the pushup. And as always remember to alternate sides.

5. Burpee Jacks – Here we have the first of our exercise combo burpees. I’ve taken the plain old jumping jack and brought it down to ground level to combine with a burpee. What can I say – I live for this stuff! This is a great conditioning exercise for the shoulders, chest and because you’re moving your legs in and out, you also get a bit of glute medius (side butt) in there!

6. Burpee Jump Squats – This is like when Reese’s came out with peanut butter cups! Take two exercises that are badass on their own and combine them. What do you get? More badass-ness! Seriously nothing is quite as hard as a set of 25 burpee jump squats. Pay attention to form and jump out and in with a wide stance to set yourself up for a great jump squat.

7. Bottom Burpee – This is ultra simple – perform a burpee but never stand up and continue jumping in and out! Believe it or not, standing during a regular burpee gives your upper body precious seconds to recover. Well not with these bad boys! Since you never stand up your chest, shoulders, triceps and conditioning will be required to put out max effort. Want upper body endurance? Try 30 bottom burpees.

8. Bottom Burpee Squats – This is a variation on the regular bottom burpee. In this instance, you’ll jump forward from the back position to land in the bottom of a jump squat. BUT you’ll never stand up or jump – just jump back again into the bottom burpee! This requires a bit more upper body strength to ‘spring’ up to your feet and essentially throw yourself up off the ground.

9. Burpee Band Shoulder Press – You probably know I’ve been exclusively using resistance bands in my training for 6 weeks now. So I’ve created this monster to take an already hard exercise and make it harder. I used Bodylastic bands hooked to my feet with ankle straps to perform a flat belly burpee – then when I stand up, I perform a shoulder press! If you don’t have bands, you can use dumbbells or kettlebells too! Heck, any weight will work.

10. Suspension Burpee – This is the most core challenging version of them all and the reason is simple – your hands are suspended over the ground in your trainer, In this case I’m using my awesome Jungle Gym XT (check out my review here)by Lifeline USA, which I absolutely love. The movement is the same as the regular flat belly style, just holding onto the handles for additional stability.

There you have it – 10 of my favorite ways to perform this amazingly versatile and effective exercise. I know – you’re so excited you don’t know which to try first! Don’t forget to join my YouTube channel and check out all of my awesome Angry workouts.

Thank you to GNC for sponsoring this video and remember, exercise is the stimulus and trauma to your body. Be sure to refuel and supplement your program with top of the line products like GNC AMP 60 Whey protein and Beyond Raw pre-workout products!

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