This was my very first Angry Issues post from September 2011 and sadly not much has changed since then. In this day I cannot believe that people still smoke; it’s disgusting, it’s harmful and downright nasty. Just the other day I was with my kids walking behind a family with three kids in tow. Both parents were puffing away (one holding an infant) and it was apparent they had totally disregarded the truth about the negative effects of second and third hand smoke.

Read this post and let me know your thoughts.

Should ALL Public Smoking Be Banned?

Today I thought I’d ask a question that would strike a nerve with all of you, as it absolutely does with me. You see yesterday, while waiting for the results of my biceps surgery, I picked up a current edition of Web MD magazine. Inside, I found a piece about smoking related illnesses in this country – and the statistics are astounding.

While half of the US States have bans on indoor smoking, second hand smoke is still the cause of 46,000 heart disease and 3,400 lung cancer deaths per year. Only half the states have bans – that’s terrible. I grew up in a chain-smoking household and still till this day I can’t stand it. In fact it really aggravates me to no end when I can smell smoke coming from the car in front of me. I think it’s great that smoking is no longer allowed on planes, and in other public places like bars and restaurants, but it falls way short in my opinion. All it really does it move the smokers from inside to out, where they blow it in your face as you walk by, and litter the pavement with used filters.

I mean honestly, we know second hand smoke is deadly, so why should any person be subjected to another’s death wish unwillingly? Which brings me to my next point – smoking and children….

In my opinion it’s criminal to smoke near children and I think it should be punishable by law. When it comes to pregnant women, I think there should be strict laws in place that enforce any behavior that endangers an unborn child, smoking included. Can anyone honestly say that smoking and secondhand smoke isn’t detrimental and harmful to human beings, either born and unborn? I just cringe when I see an infant or child in a car with the windows up as mom and dad puff away. And I know all too well what the house they live in smells like and the unhealthy environment it breeds.

I’d like to see first, second and third offense laws imposed that would ultimately remove custody of children from parents that smoke in front of or near them. Yes it sounds harsh I know but again, it’s unhealthy and children get removed from households where their welfare is endangered all the time. How is this any different?

Plus I’ve read some research that suggests that adults who were raised in smoking households, but whom never smoked, may suffer permamnent and irreversible health repercussions.

That is truly terrible.

To be clear, I’m all for free will and engaging in whatever behavior you enjoy. But I take exception when that behavior endangers or has a negative impact on those around you who aren’t willing participants. So, if you want to smoke, go in a room, a box, or out in a field for all I care. Just don’t do it near me or anyone else. In addition to promoting a horrible death, it’s just downright nasty!

But what do you think? Do you think ALL public smoking should be banned? What about pregnant women who smoke – should they face fines or another form of punishment? What smoking laws would you like to see in place? Comment away…