What I’m about to share with you is 100% true. And I may upset a few people but oh well.

About a month ago I responded to a casting ad that was looking for a personal trainer for a new television show. In case you don’t know in years past I’ve submitted myself to The Biggest Loser production team but obviously never got a call. Although I’m still available! Any way, I’ve always been extremely interested in television and I have incredible passion for fitness. One of my dreams is to eventually be a personal trainer on a show and combine my two interests.

Here’s the ad I responded to:


Exciting New TV Series is seeking an amazing on camera FITNESS TRAINER / WEIGHT LOSS EXPERT to be a pivotal part of the series.

Well established production company with multiple series currently on the air is looking for a seriously qualified expert in fitness, exercise and weight loss, with qualifications similar to the hosts and stars of BIGGEST LOSER and WORK OUT.

We are looking for a charismatic and engaging fitness expert with great on-camera skills and past experience in broadcasting … This is a STARRING role of the series.

Ideal candidate would have great knowledge about weight loss and body transformation, and also have a strong background in fitness coaching and training.

This is a major TV series with this role being one of the primary stars of the series — so TV STAR quality is essential.

Interested parties should send a cover note, along with links to photos, video samples, related web pages, and ALL important CONTACT INFORMATION.

That sounds exciting doesn’t it? I of course submitted my info right away, sent photos, website stats etc. Within about an hour I received a phone call from an 818 area code that showed as Los Angeles on my cell. I was ecstatic! I KNEW who it was and why they were calling. This was it! My big break!

About five minutes into the call, after hearing which production company this was (they’re well known) I heard the breakdown of the show. Are you ready? You’ll never guess what this show is about.

The creators of this show want the personal trainer to GAIN 100 POUNDS! Yes you read that correctly. If you remember, personal trainer Drew Manning made this concept famous when he purposely gained 60 plus pounds to apparently help with his understanding of what obese people feel like. I of course had my say and thought the idea was heavily flawed, that intentionally gaining weight is not nearly the same as people who genuinely struggle with weight due to emotional, mental or lifestyle issues.

Sure the end result of intentionally setting out to eat junk food, excessive calories and being sedentary for a paycheck looks the same, but the real process is not. And in truth, it’s quite unfair for a lifelong fit individual AND personal trainer to even attempt to say they now know how obese people feel simply by gaining weight. When the time comes to lose the weight, the process of dropping pounds is far easier for the ‘poser’ then it is for the other individuals on the show who are truly struggling and whom most likely have for quite a long time.

Ironically, during my phone conversation with one of the production company owners, he told me I’d be monitored and that I’d ‘gain the weight safely, with medical supervision and through eating health food’!

Gain 100 pounds safely?!

I tried to explain that there is NO WAY to gain 100 pounds SAFELY! Are you kidding me? Then I told him that if he thinks a healthy and fit individual is going to gain 100 pounds by eating grilled chicken breast and brown rice, that he was mistaken. PLUS this added weight was supposed to only take 6 months to put on and 6 months to lose! For real. We all know there’s only one way to add that much fat weight that quick, and lose it as fast. Both ways are irresponsible, unsafe, unethical and truthfully down right dangerous.

The idea behind the show is that the trainer will somehow be more relatable to the obese contestants because they’ll be going through the same process. I couldn’t disagree more. In fact I find it hard to believe that any reputable trainer, with the star power and credentials this production is looking for would even consider this. And now the casting announcement has changed and reads ‘FEMALE PERSONAL TRAINER WANTED’. Generally women are smaller then men, so now we have a female trainer that’s going to gain 100 pounds?

This is madness. I without a doubt will be on television one day as your friendly Angry Trainer, sharing and helping others get fitter and healthier. But this aint’ the way.

What do you think? Would you watch this TV show? Is an obese personal trainer more relatable?

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