I like to ‘stir stuff up’ when giving feedback to people about their training program, you know…make them think a bit. And I’m known for being honest to a fault, even a bit disruptive. Why sugar coat the truth? So when writing this post I thought ‘hmmmmm, what shall I say?

Here’s what I came up with.

Top 10: Reasons Your Workouts Suck!

In the world of fitness and health, more people fail then succeed at reaching their goals. Most people don’t fail due to lack of commitment, dedication or resolve. It’s actually simpler than that – their workouts suck! So I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons that may be holding you back from reaching your true potential.

Recognize any?

1. You’re A Poser. It’s that simple. Just because you belong to some popular Facebook fitness groups, pose for Instagram workout selfies and are involved in several online communities, doesn’t mean you’re a fitness machine. I’ve met more people who pretend to be fitness elite that couldn’t do one pushup or a set of burpee’s when their profiles would lead you to believe otherwise. It’s almost like having a fake profile on a dating site. If you can’t actually perform workouts that you talk about, there’s a problem. Walk the walk and be who you say you are. We’ll all find out eventually. And using other peoples body shots as YOUR profile pic is creepy.

2. You Never Change. Good intentions mean jack with regard to fitness programs – an intelligent plan and follow through are key. Let me ask you – have you ever seen someone’s before and after pictures and thought…”hmmm, they don’t look any different?” People, if you’ve been working out for months and see little to no progress, guess what? Your workout sucks! Time for a change I’d say. Try re-evaluating your program and or diet to see what’s slowing you down. When you’ve got a good plan and your committed, progress is inevitable.

3. You Lie. Your Gym Boss timer is all set to go for one of your Angry Trainer workouts. You press start but when it beeps again you don’t start right away but take extra time and hit the reset button a few times throughout the workout. You don’t get the number of reps set fourth in the workout but you tell everyone you did. Sound familiar? Then you go and post comments on how awesome the workout was! That’s lying, not only to others but to yourself as well. Instead, be honest and say you needed more rest time or shorter work intervals and that you’re working towards better conditioning.

4.You’re Narrow Minded. I’m guilty of this in the past. When we find an exercise style that we like, we tend to stick with it and actually be kind of snobby towards other programs and trainers. If you’ve been doing the same kind of workouts forever, chances are your workout needs an overhaul and your body is bored. You MUST get out of your comfort zone and try new things as new challenges forge the beginnings of change and strength. No one is saying that you shouldn’t do what you like, but believe me also doing what you don’t like has benefits too!

5. You’re An Addict. Here too is another reason your workout plan may need some rethinking. I know how much we all love exercise. Not only does it make us strong physically, but mentally and emotionally it’s quite satisfying as well. The problem is that you can have too much of a good thing. You get stronger, healthier and more fit when you’re NOT in the gym. Proper rest and recuperation is key to living a healthy and fit life. If you workout 7 days a week and all you ever talk or think about is the gym, celebrity trainers and your latest – greatest exercise program – you need to get a life. Don’t be ‘that’ person at a party. Do you know what I mean? Try taking at least 2 FULL days off per week and get a hobby.

5 more reasons your workouts suck!
1. You’re more worried if your outfit matches then how many pushups you can do.
2. You take more pictures of yourself working out then reps of exercise you finish.
3. Most of your ‘workout’ is on the cardio deck.
4. You don’t know what extension or flexion means.
5. You put more effort into you Facebook & Instagram profile than your workout and diet.

*Bonus – You think Tabata comes with a side of Miso soup and green salad.

So there are my 10 reasons your workouts suck! Before you go and get all crazy on me, I say lighten up! And take everything I say with a grain of salt. (Ironic coming from me huh?) Seriously, exercise should be fun, engaging and add to the overall well-being in your life. It shouldn’t feel like a job or be something that you dread doing. If you treat your body with respect it will repay you with strength, vitality and a better quality of life.

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