I read an article on the New York Times website yesterday that speaks to the power and influence beheld by some popular ‘Boutique Gyms’. It seems as though fitness centers, studios, trainers and exercise philosophies have taken on lives of their own; selling branded clothing, skin care products and some even exposing their ‘followers’ to lifelong philosophies and beliefs. Essentially some gyms have become a way of life for some people.

Does YOUR gym represent more than just a place to exercise?

I’ve discussed here on the site how we all know gyms can be a place for social gatherings and provide camaraderie amongst peers. If you’ve been a member of a particular fitness center for some time, you most likely know many other members and the staff knows you by first name. It’s kind of like a ‘Cheers’ scenario right? Surely there’s nothing wrong with that. But what we’re talking about here is something totally different and it made me think about what I do here at Angry Trainer Fitness.

What makes ATF so different?

Well besides the obvious no BS approach when it comes to fitness and health trends or myths, the main difference between what I do and others is this –

I share what I think about various programs, trainers, products etc. in a effort to get you thinking so you make your own choice. And I’m thrilled to tell you about trainers who are great and those that I learn from.

I don’t have an ATF fitness plan, or a signature diet to sell or push on you, or a particular philosophy other than ‘Look Fit Be Fit’. When you join a big, trendy gym or get exposed to a particular celebrity trainer’s workout DVD’s or website, what you’ll find is usually an alleged unique ‘system’ that has little variance in it. In essence, you’re somewhat buying into a specific lifestyle. And you’ll almost NEVER hear a recommendation to try another mode of exercise or to check out another trainer.


Angry Trainer Fitness was created to SHARE what I know, learn, who I like and follow, and to expose the junk and sift through the clutter found in the fitness industry based on my experience. I find the idea of gyms becoming somewhat like spiritual guides a little disturbing actually and I feel like it borders on becoming cult like. Come on you’ve seen it I’m sure. There are already clicks within various exercise groups – The SPIN people don’t talk to the Yogi’s, the Pilates people look away when passing the weight lifters in the hallway, the Les Mills groupies snub others who take non Les Mills group fitness classes etc. And even though I like to get a WOD here and there,  the WOD disciples can seem to be a bit self-righteous. Right? Am I wrong here?

Let me re-iterate what I’ve already said many times before. There is no ‘one-way’ to exercise and get fit, no cookie cutter program that fits all. All modes of exercise can have a place within your program. In fact the more varied your program is, the better results you can expect. When you look at most people who follow only one way of training, be it Spinning, Yoga, running, etc., you’ll find that their fitness level is what I call one dimensional – they’re great at one thing and horribly weak and inefficient at virtually everything else.

If you like or even love a particular style of workout that’s great, but don’t be foolish and abandon others. If you like what I do here and the ATF brand, that’s great too, I really appreciate your support. But be sure to look other places, to other trainers and instructors, for different ideas and approaches to your program as well. Throughout my years as a trainer and fitness enthusiast, I’ve listened to everyone who has something to say and usually walked away with one or two great pieces of information that really hit home. After you acquire enough of these ‘pieces’, you have your own plan and ideas.


It’s normal to stick with what we love to do, but believe me, doing what you don’t like also has tremendous benefit.

I encourage you to open your mind and not have tunnel vision when it comes to your fitness program. It took me forever to learn and even longer to actually apply using many modes of exercise in my routine. Sure I’m on a bit of a WOD kick right now and I’ll probably always use shades of AMRAP’s style methodology in some shape or form. But that won’t stop me from Spinning, taking Yoga, going for a run, a group X class, performing a bodybuilder’s workout or anything else.

Make up your own mind, don’t be lead into believing ‘This is the best way’ by anyone. This is YOUR life and they’re just trying to brainwash you. If your trainer and or gym doesn’t suggest various modes of exercise or other trainers to learn from and about, a red flag should go up. And in my opinion it also speaks to how secure they feel in their jobs.

My mission is to and always will be to share what I know, what I learn and my experiences. That’s the Angry Trainer philosophy. That’s the difference.

Don’t be a sheep…

– Alfonso

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