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It’s time for me to share another great trainers wisdom with all of you. I recently reviewed Ashley Borden in a Testing The Trainers post and if you recall, I recommended that all of you follow her. Who is Ashley? Well besides training celebrities and other trainers and coaches, she’s a featured expert on the Today Show and is an advisor for and Fitness magazine.

As I said in my review, one aspect of Ashley’s persona that I really like is her on – camera personality, but I wanted to know more about her fitness background; how she got started, what her workouts look like, what her fitness tips are etc. So I asked her to take part in the ATF Expert Advice series and she immediately said yes! That’s great for all of us.

So have a read through of Ashley’s answers and pay attention. I bet you’ll learn something…I did.

1) How did you first become interested in health and fitness?

I grew up around it my entire life! My mom owned a Health Food Store for 11 years and my dad owned sporting good stores. Going to Mr Olympia with my dad and cheering my mom on in 10k’s and marathons was the norm. I was a dancer for the first 16 years of my life and have always been active.

2) What’s the biggest fitness mistake you’ve made in your own life?

As a person who has 23 years recovery from just about every eating disorder…I would say up to when I was 18 years old it was all a huge fitness mistake! Over training, under eating, taking fat burners etc. I didn’t trust what anyone else told me as far as good nutrition and training. I felt I was “terminally unique” and NO ONE else knew what it took to keep me “skinny” (otherwise known as weak, flabby and irritable). Going into recovery at 18 yrs old through saved my life and started me on a path loving my body and taking care of it the smart way. I don’t have crazy weight fluxuations, feel nuts or victimized by my own body any longer.

3) What are the most common mistakes you see trainees make?

Not lifting heavy enough
Not rolling out
Not including a good recovery program to their training
Not drinking enough water
Not taking any EFA’s –UDO’S Oil (vegetarian blend) or Fish Oils

4) You’re a big believe in foam rolling right? Can you tell everyone what the theory behind this method is?

I have never witnessed anything make a more significant structural change in a body than incorporating Rolling Out. Its as if you have a deep tissue massage before (and sometimes after) you train. Rolling Out allows for tight muscles to open up and the knotty connective tissue to loosen. When you have a more “open” muscle belly, the muscle is able to contract better, you have more blood flow (which increases your metabolic rate) and over all mobility/flexibility. The changes I see in the SHAPE of people’s bodies are incredible. Its just a tool that gives you that extra oomph, and assists in keeping you pain free!

5) Does foam rolling help muscle soreness?

Yes! Rolling Out helps to disperse the lactic acid build up in the muscles, and speeds up your recovery time from a hard/long workout. You also can use Rolling on its own…even if you are not training and just want to feel more open, relaxed and more upright in your posture.

6) I’ve seen people use tennis or even lacrosse balls to roll out an area. Is this the same as using a foam roller?

It’s a form of MFR (myo fascial release) just more “spot specific”. I also use lacrosse balls for bottoms of the feet and smaller trigger point areas that a roller can’t access. (soft balls and tennis balls are awesome as well!). Obviously the harder and smaller the surface of the ball, the more intense it will feel.

7) What’s the biggest misconception people have about health and fitness?

That it’s something you can cycle on and off. Maybe in your early 20’s you can “cycle” your fitness and health…but the older you get the harder it is to get back “on”. Also, people think its all about deprivation and killing yourself in the gym. The key word is BALANCE. Not all or nothing. That just sets you up for failure. No one is 100% all of the time. No one.

8) What is your current workout regimen?

I started working with a coach about 7 months ago and it was the best investment I have ever made. I train with Brian Redfern 3 times a week (we focus on over all strength, Olympic Lifts and endurance) I also LOVE Jiu Jitsu and having 3 dogs I walk multiple times a day. Every day. Lets not forget I have been standing and working in a gym for over 20 years (30,000 hours +) so that also burns a lot of calories daily!

9) Who’s another trainer that you find knowledgeable and motivating?

I work with a very small handful of great trainers and we are always learning and training with each other. Over the years, If I hear of someone whom I am interested in their method or technique, I will seek them out and train with them. I am way more hands on with learning, and I never feel like I am done being educated. There are so many fantastic trainers out there, I wish I could fly around and train with every one of them! Karl List ( was one of my first mentors and an absolute genius. His method is the foundation of the work I teach to this day.

10) And finally – What’s your number one fitness tip?

Don’t work against yourself! Take YOUR body to its fullest potential. Comparing yourself to anyone is a complete waste of time and energy. Every day find 3 things you love about yourself and write it down. When you feel defeated or unmotivated, seeing your positive thoughts about yourself in writing will help you to re connect to your gratitude!

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