cathe-friedrichLast week I asked all of you who your favorite fitness personality was – and why!  One name that came up several times was Cathe Friedrich, a 30 year fitness veteran who has achieved iconic status within the industry. But what does Cathe stand for. Here’s a deeper look at her training philosophy and what makes her so special…

Program Shakedown

When you check out Cathe’s site  the first thing you’ll notice is the absolutely HUGE library of videos and workouts available. You name it, she’s got it! HIIT training, cross training, low impact, step aerobics, strength and toning, cardio blast are all part of the mix plus a whole lot more. And these aren’t just one-off videos but series of programs for you to use at home so you’ll never get bored. I’ll admit I’m impressed and it’s evident Cathe is a pro once you click play. Ms. Friedrich is motivating, energizing, personable, and her form cuing is great.

 To show you how influential Cathe is within the fitness industry, she’s credited with being at the forefront of Step aerobics AND being the pioneer in the field of in home workout DVD’s. In fact she was one of the first people to sell workouts DVD’s online some 14 years ago and now has what is considered to be one of the largest exercise video libraries in existence. Literally thousands of people have been working out with Cathe for decades and credit her for changing their lives. She’s been featured in numerous publications and has been inducted into the Fitness Hall Of Fame.  If you’re a fitness pro worth your salt, you certainly know who Cathe Friedrich is.

While Cathe is certified through the American Council on Exercise and has specialty certifications in cycling, prenatal fitness, kickboxing, yoga and other specialisms that’s not what makes her special. You can feel Cathe loves fitness and truly enjoys what she does when viewing her videos. She’s not a trainer that pitches only one mode of exercise as ‘best’, but instead includes all modes of exercise in her programs.


Cathe is one of those people who come along once in a generation and excel far beyond others in her field. Like Jack LaLanne, she is an icon within the fitness industry. I mean seriously, think about it. She has nearly 30 years experience in training people and being an ambassador for the fitness and health industry. You don’t succeed in this business for 30 years without being special. You all know that I don’t care about certifications and celebrity endorsements. What I do care about and recognize is the thousands of people who have been with Cathe for years and her remarkable ability to stay ‘present’ and current with the latest trends within the fitness industry.

Because she’s truly awesome at what she does, keeps it fresh, is inspiring and open minded, I have to give Cathe a huge thumbs up and highly recommend that men and women follow her. She’s without a doubt a star within the fitness world.

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