Ashley Borden

Twitter is a truly miraculous invention which for me rivals planes, trains and automobiles in the way it’s advanced our ability to meet people from all over the world.

Today’s Testing The Trainers concerns Ashley Borden , a training powerhouse who I met recently while online.

I’d heard about Ashley before and so was curious to find out what type of fitness program and mantra she preaches. Let’s find out!

Program Shakedown

Talk about being busy in the fitness world! Ashley has trained celebrities, athletes, other trainers and coaches and has been featured in numerous magazines like Vogue, Elle, The Los Angeles Times and Allure. Plus she’s a featured expert on the Today Show and has also been seen on Discovery Health, MTV, VH1 and The Cooking Channels new series “Drop 5lbs”. And Ms. Borden is also an advisor for and Fitness magazine. Impressive right? But you all know how I feel about credentials and big names – a great trainer it doesn’t necessarily make…

Ashley is actually quite uncommon in that she uses a lot of variety in her program. She practices yoga, core and mat work and demonstrates perfect form in all of her videos with awesome cues to get viewers really connected to the exercise. But make no mistake, Ashley is tougher than she appears and told me via Twitter that she cried after finishing Fran, a popular WOD. Yes she lifts weights too! I was surprised I’ll admit, but after thinking it over it makes perfect sense. And when you watch her in action she shows you different exercises than the norm to keep it fresh and exciting.

In Ashley’s tweets she provides useful and common sense tips for dining out, injury prevention and positive affirmation. She clearly promotes all aspects of health and fitness including exercise and rest, along with mental and emotional well being. In her videos, her personality is extremely likeable and relatable and she provides a wide variety of FREE workouts ranging from getting woman in shape to wearing high heels, stretching and warm up routines and how to turn on your triceps – to name just a few.

Ashley is one of only six trainers in the country named a top “Body Transformer” in 2011 by Women’s Health and I can see why.


As you can tell I’m a fan of Ashley’s for many reasons, but mostly because I know I’m going to learn from her and be able to share my new thoughts with all of you. I’ve said this before, but within minutes of watching a trainer’s video, listening to cues, watching form and reading personality (it is important in training), I can tell if they’ve ‘got it’ and Ashley without a doubt does. We all know the fitness industry is flooded with ‘experts’ but few of them really walk the walk and have true passion for what they do – Ashley does and she’s great at it!

I highly recommend you follow Ashley Borden and follow her tips. I am! She’s @ashleyborden – so what are you waiting for!

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