It seems like every day the Beach Body company is coming out with a new fitness program to merchandise and sell. I’ve previously reviewed Tony Horton / P90X, Shaun T / Insanity and Chalean Johnson / Turbo Jam.

But today’s program review is different. Why? Because today’s infomercial product is geared towards bodybuilders and packing on muscle – lot’s of it.

So is Body Beast the program you’ve been waiting for? Let’s find out…

Program Shakedown

The first thing you’ll notice when checking out the Body Beast website and videos are that the guys in the video are HUGE, I mean national level physique show HUGE. (more on that later). Sagi Kalev, former Mr. Israel is the man behind this program and apparently he’s used his experience in professional bodybuilding as a guide to coach others when designing the Body Beast workout. The program mantra is “become the man you were meant to be… naturally!”

So what’s the big deal? Well Sagi has invented what he call ‘dynamic set training’, which involves traditional bodybuiding exercises coupled with the latest techniques in athletic conditioning. You’ll train your muscles from ‘crazy angles’, use drop sets, giant and super sets and it’s allegedly more productive than any other home workout.

In the videos you’ll see guys performing barbell rows, curls, reverse grip military presses and front raises along with T-squares, high knees on a bench and exercises on a Swiss Ball. That’s just a sample of the types of movements Sagi uses. Plus his system incudes a nutrition and supplement guide. And Beach Body makes a line of products specifically designed for use in the Body Beast program that include a base shake, a pre-workout, a creatine product and a hormone production product.

If you use the Body Beast program it’s guaranteed you’ll gain 20 pounds in 90 days or your money back! The price for the program starts at around $90 for the 7 DVD’s, 12 workouts, nutrition guide and calendar. For about $200, you’ll receive the base kit plus two extra DVD’s and a 1 month supply each of the base shake and pre–workout. And if you’ve got money to burn, spending about $255 will add a 1-month supply of creatine and the hormone amplifier.

The Angry Trainer Says:

Okay – I wasn’t going to bring this up but it’s plastered all over the Body Beast website and used as a key marketing tool for the product… I’m talking steroids! Sagi says he is a lifelong natural, drug free bodybuilder and states that using the program will yield results like his. I’m sorry but in my opinion NO WAY. I just don’t believe regular people can become as big as the guys in this video without juicing up…

As for the program? Come on man! Body Beast is geared towards guys looking to get huge, the macho-est of the macho and it preys on their ego and desperation. The claim of gaining 20 pounds of muscle in 90 days? I say no way, maybe a few pounds, but 20! Sagi’s ‘dynamic set training’? Please people, you could read this workout in Muscle and Fitness or Men’s Fitness magazine. Dr. Jim Stoppani regularly puts out and shares workouts like these. There’s no secret or magic in this program. It’s simply bodybuilding combined with functional and athletic training movements. This is a workout program ripped straight from the pages of a muscle magazine, complete with models that represent probably less then 5% of trainee’s out there.

I’m not saying you won’t get results with this program, of course you will. Like any program that you follow and eat well along with, you’ll see progress. It’s very similar to a lot of others on the market. And I like that it’s a blended workout utilizing many modes of exercise that aren’t just about big muscles but also geared towards athleticism and conditioning. BUT, you won’t look like Sagi or any of those guys in the video from using it – at least not without some ‘help’. In my opinion that is.

Is Body Beast Insane? Not quite, but keep your eyes open and have realistic expectations.

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