3 Ways To Perform Hip Bridges-ATF

At some point or another you’ve probably used hip bridges in your fitness routine. And if you’re a man who thinks that this movement is just for the ladies – you’re wrong!

The hip bridge is a great way to glute and hamstring strength. You can use them before a workout as a pre-exhaustion exercise or finish up a heavy leg workout with a few sets.  And while you may think hip bridges are just a ‘butt’ exercise, trust me – some variations can really challenge your core, lower back erectors, inner thighs and even your abs a bit.

But while bridges are awesome, let’s be honest – they can get boring after a while. So for today’s video I wanted to show you three simple ways to change the entire feel of the exercise and challenge your body in a totally different way. Check my suggestions out and try one of my variations in your next workout! Hope you find these tips useful…

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