As we get into full swing this holiday season, many of you will fall of the fitness and health wagon. It seems as though the holiday season is one of two main periods in the year when people gain weight and exercise very little with the other obviously being the summer months.

So which is it for you? Are you the late June through September slumper or is the late November through New Years your timeframe?

It’s ironic really, especially with the summer time slump. When the weather is nicest and people wear the least clothes, most work out the least! No one wants to be in the gym on a 90 degree, sunny day. There are a lot of family gatherings, vacations, parties on the beach and dietary temptations all around. In fact many people head into September with a few extra pounds that they promise they’ll lose by Thanksgiving – but don’t. Is that you?

Then there’s the holiday season that just takes everything I said and magnifies it. Plus when it’s cold and dark many people feel depressed and don’t feel like exercising. Plus you’re wearing bulky clothes that cover more of your body. Thanksgiving comes and knocks your diet off track and about a month later, we have Hanukah, Christmas Day and then New Years. Talk about a knockout combination of events! What happens? Simple – most people will wake up January 1st a good 10 pounds (or more) heavier than they were pre-summer! This is why all across the country January is the number one month for gym membership sales and personal training revenue.

Now with that all of that said I’m here to tell you it’s all crap! There is no excuse for slacking off. Sure your program will ebb and flow – that’s normal and throughout the year they’ll be ups and downs. But there is no reason why people must gain significant weight or lose a tremendous amount of fitness during these months. The simple truth is they’ve given up and allowed it to happen. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. There’s no excuse to not workout if you take your health and fitness seriously. If you’re busy or can’t get to the gym then try abbreviating your workouts or use only bodyweight movements. The same holds true if you’re travelling, on vacation, at a family members house or even snowed in. Weight gain and fitness loss is entirely preventable.

Am I saying you have to stick to your obsessed, neurosis driven fitness and diet program? No. Am I saying you can’t enjoy good foods and drink eggnog? Of course not. But to spend the months of January to June busting your butt and eating clean only to sabotage yourself for four months and repeat the cycle year after year is insanity. Drinking eggnog or eating pie doesn’t make you fat – eating too much on a consistent basis does. Think of it this way – there’s Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas Eve/Day and New Years Eve/Day. That’s only SIX potential days across two months that are responsible for mass weight gain in this country. How is that possible? Who gave these days the power to linger on far after they’re over and help accumulate bad decision-making? I’ll tell you who – the people who allow it happen. Don’t be that person.

As always the choice is up to you. I can promise the first bite of cheesecake tastes the same as the last and there’s no need to overeat anything. Come January, I’d like to know how many letters I’ll get asking how to lose the ‘holiday weight’. I prefer to just answer it now!

Don’t gain it and you won’t have it to lose!

So? What about you? Which months do you slump in and why? How do you combat these slumps? Any tips for your fellow ATF readers?

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