Time for another Q&A video here at Angry Trainer Fitness and the title of this post is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get here at the site! Everyone always wants to know which pill helps lose weight, which vitamin and protein powder is best, and if the rare African berry extract will actually make you live longer. I made that last one up but you get my point!

This video is again sponsored by GNC but my advice remains the same whichever store you choose to shop at! Fact is when you walk into a supplement store, how do you know which product to take and how much if any at all? I know lots of you out there are REALLY confused!

I will say this upfront though – if you don’t have your diet and exercise program in check then in my opinion you have NO business using any supplements. The very word ‘supplement’ means ‘in addition to’ not ‘a replacement for’. For me it just doesn’t make sense to try something when you haven’t your reached full potential on your own.

Personally I take a Mega Man Sport Multivitamin / Mineral everyday along with one whey protein shake post workout. I do also use GNC’s line of pre-workout powders that contain creatine and a few other proprietary blends, but I don’t use them every day – more like once or twice per week. And that’s it – those are ALL the supplements I use.

So take a look at the video and check out what I have to say. Thanks to GNC Live Well for sponsoring this video and believing in what I share here at Angry Trainer Fitness. And if you have any additional questions just shoot them on over!




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