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One of the truly amazing aspects of launching Angry Trainer Fitness are the opportunities it’s provided me to meet new people in the health and fitness world. Through social media I’ve met some great new friends and been connected with many true industry pros.

Today’s expert for our Expert Advice strand is Lori L Shemek, PHD, CLC, NC. Now you all know how I feel about credentials right? Well in this instance Lori knows her stuff and then some!

Dr. Shemek is the health expert for Good Morning Texas and was voted a Top 16 Health and Fitness Expert by the Huffington Post AND she’s the best selling author of Fire Up Your Fat Burn.  Wow this woman is busy! She gives great tips on weight loss and maintenance, nutrition, health and how a positive mindset can make a HUGE difference.

I follow Lori on Twitter and I always look forward to reading her tweets and seeing what I can learn from her advice. Take a look at her answers below and you’ll see what I mean… 

1. How did you first become interested in health and fitness?

Ever since I was born 😉  As a young child you would find me reading medical books, health books – always interested in healthy anything.  My mother would shake her head when she would see me, once again, reading about health.  I am very passionate about what I do – helping others make positive change in their lives.

2. What’s the biggest fitness mistake you’ve made in your own life?

Not strength training adequately when I was in my early 20s.  I was mostly focused (like most people tend to be) on cardio.  Fortunately, we can build muscle and reverse most muscle loss.

3. What’s the most common nutrition mistakes you see trainees make?

They are eating too many carbs of all varieties (healthy and not so healthy), not incorporating enough easily digestible protein or protein in general – both of which will prevent optimal fitness potential.  I also see that the majority of individuals are mildly dehydrated and that too affects overall fitness performance.

4. Describe your current workout regime…

I engage in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 4 days a week, strength training with core workouts 3 days a week.  I also add squats with 50 lb weights, push-ups and pull-ups 4 days a week.  I stretch every day and use the balance board for optimal balance.

5. What diet do you follow?

No diets. The philosophy of my best-selling book ‘Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!’ is based on no dieting – ever.

My focus in eating is always protein with every meal and snack, more carbs from veggies and less from grains.  Healthy fats with every meal.  I always include super food(s) with every meal to ensure maximum nutrition.

6) How often do you ‘cheat’ and with which food(s)?

Not too often… if I do, it is with pizza or a turkey burger at this great burger joint that was actually featured on The Food Network for their amazing burgers.  I say in my book ‘Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!’ and to my clients, that if you are consistent the majority of time, you can have those ‘cheat’ foods occasionally.

7) What’s the biggest misconception people have about health and fitness or diet?

There are three.  One common misconception I see in people who are working out and are actively engaged in fitness – they believe that it is okay to eat most anything they want or that they can get away with it because they are working out with their cardio etc.  The truth is that nutrition is critical to fitness success… so eating poorly ends up costing them in their fitness ability.

I can walk into a fitness center and what do I see?  The majority of people are only doing cardio.  They are on the machines without even glancing at the strength training aspect of total fitness.  Strength training is critical to optimal fitness and optimal health.

The third biggest misconception is that most people do not realize the impact sugar has on their health.  Sugar is the #1 unhealthy ‘food’ and it is toxic to the body.  We now know that sugar shrinks your brain and causes low-level inflammation – inflammation is the core cause of most illness, disease, faster aging, and weight gain.

8) What’s your number one weight loss tip?

Drop the sugar.  J

9) What’s your favorite health / fitness book you’d recommend?

Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!  A best-selling book, that connects inflammation with weight gain, along with the fat-burning fitness component.   All lead to optimal health.

10) And finally… What’s your fitness mantra?

 Just Do It!  Don’t think about it…don’t contemplate it…don’t whine about it…JUST DO IT!

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