I really like sharing the views and thoughts of other fitness and health professionals with you. The truth is that much of what I’ve learned has come by way of listening to others that have many years experience in fitness – both personally and professionally. I think it’s really important for all of you to hear from other pros and take away what resonates with you.

I became aware of Heather Frey from Smash Fit by surprise! You guessed it – Twitter. First of all I’m the Angry Trainer and her brand is Smash Fit, so I was intrigued right away. Then upon reading her tweets and blog I became a really big fan. Heather is always promoting self-confidence and awareness in addition to awesome fitness tips. And she has years of experience to call upon. In addition she’s the fitness expert for NBC’s Miami Mom’s and the Ricki Lake community fit expert.

Take a read at what Heather has to say and I guarantee you’ll learn something.

1) How did you first become interested in health and fitness?

I grew up a gymnast and loving all things that challenged me. I was the pull up champ in elementary school – 39! (the last ones weren’t pretty but my chin hit the bar!) and a dodgeball warrior! So I’ve always had a love of, what would today be called, fitness. But from high school to college and into my early adulthood I suffered eating disorders and although I grew out of the destructive behavior I still wasn’t happy with my body. It really wasn’t until I was a mom and refused to live in my baby-weight body that I decided to learn how about real health and fitness and do it the right way.

 2) What’s the biggest fitness mistake you’ve made in your own life?

Starving myself. In college, I’d see if I could make it on a pack of crackers for the day. BAD. As for working out, doing the same moves over and over and over and over…

I always wanted to get in ultra shape but had no idea how. I’m pretty sure it was all that frustration that finally pushed me to find out how to do it the right way!

3) What’s the most common mistakes you see trainees make?

TWO big mistakes – 1st – Discount their nutrition. I’ve working with clients and had friends who I see working out, but they can’t understand why they’re not getting results. When I ask them, sometimes they come clean, but others like to fib “I don’t eat that bad”. I don’t know if they’re trying to fool me or themselves. When I get them to write down what they’re REALLY eating, things move forward again.

2nd – Working out too much or not enough. They either over-train and burn themselves out in a few weeks, or they don’t workout out enough to see results so they give up. I teach and preach consistency. Make your workout days, stick to them, and you’ll move forward. It’s really that simple… even though life complicates it.

4) Describe your current workout regime?

I love to try ALL fitness and venture out whenever I can but my basic routine is at the gym. I love the gym… it’s my place to leave everything and focus on only one thing… my goals. I workout 5-6 days a week with isolation lifting days, full-body days, and circuit-body-part days. I mix it up as much as possible and use plyometrics a lot, especially when I’m short on time. I’ll jump rope, power squat, jump squat, step up, you name it, to get my cardio in with my workout. I’ve had the best workouts in 30-40 minutes. Gone are the every day 2-hour workouts. They don’t work for my body anymore as I’ve found overtraining looks bad on me (and feels bad).

5) What diet do you follow?

Clean eating! That’s it. I subscribe to the 5 small meals a day with a protein and carb, as well as all those great fruits, veggies, and good fat for vitamins, minerals, and fiber. I don’t count calories because when you eat really clean, you don’t have to. I think of diets as generally useless and frustrating, and I think “lifestyle change” can be overwhelming for most people, so I talk about transforming yourself into the person you want to become, one change at a time.

6) How often do you ‘cheat’ and with which food(s)?

Really never. I have a sensitive stomach and system so I think that full on restaurant food would throw my body into sodium shock! My treats are bites of my kids ice cream (on our treat day), a sliver or two of pizza, bites of fun things my family orders and occasional chocolate! But I don’t need or want the whole meal. I know I’ll feel it for days and it’s not worth it to me. Though I do tell my friends and clients that they should absolutely have treat meals, they just need to set up how often and how much.

7) What’s the biggest misconception people have about health and fitness?

For women – That they’ll “bulk” if they lift weights (this one kills me).

For men – That all they need to do is workout and they’ll get in shape. Most completely leave out the nutrition element. I suppose this is true of women also, to an extent, but women (sometimes sadly) have been more conditioned to watch what they eat and understand that it’s part of what they need to do.

8) What’s your number one weight loss tip?

Clean eating and consistent exercise. Seems so simple when I write it, but truly, this is the clearest path – clear the junk food and sugar, find 4-ish days to move your body with a exercising-purpose and you’ll lose weight AND get fit, which is really where the health is. Do these things and your body will have no choice but to change.

9) What’s your favorite health / fitness book you’d recommend?

“Eat Clean Diet” by Tosca Reno. She has an entire series with recipes, workouts, a focus on men, a focus on kids. It’s real world, makes sense and do-able.

10) And finally… What’s your fitness mantra?

What I tell people – Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.

When I’m working out – Push!

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