The election is over and amidst all the Presidential celebrations, political maneuvering and bill paying there was one development that really caught my eye from a health and fitness perspective.

As you may know Colorado and Washington State this week passed legislation making possession of small amounts of marijuana legal. So I’m wondering how you feel? Should pot be legal?

I personally have never smoked pot or anything else for that matter. From what I know, and admittedly that’s not a lot, smoking marijuana is just as bad, if not worse, for your health as cigarettes. So for me that’s all I need to hear. BUT even with my limited knowledge, I know there are recognized and accepted medical uses for smoking a ‘doobie.’ Two such conditions that come to mind are glaucoma and arthritis and in these instances, the benefit seems to outweigh the cons. Making marijuana legal for people in REAL need seems to make sense right?

But what we’re talking about here in the case of Colorado and Washington State isn’t just medical use, but recreational use! And these laws would extend to anyone in the state –both residents AND tourists. There’s been speculation that there will be marijuana cafes and mountain lounges where tired skiers can get more than a shot of whisky!

Personally the idea of giving people the right to legally carry marijuana seems odd to me. I do know people who smoke pot and there is a reason stereotypes exist. You can’t deny slower reaction times, differences in thought processes and an overall change in behavior from smoking pot. I mean can anyone argue this? BUT how is that different from alcohol – a freely available drug

Now of course there’s also the argument that with pot legalized will other, harder drugs be next… ecstasy or cocaine for example? Sure go ahead and call me crazy. That’s what they were saying 20 years ago about legalizing pot. Of course making pot legal will also take it off the black market and may actually stop people experimenting with harder narcotics…

There’s quite a debate here so let’s kick it off. What do you think? Should marijuana be legalized for personal use – and why? And if you disagree also weigh in… I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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