Three Alternate Ab Exercises-ATF

What’s the one body part EVERYONE seems to want these days? I’d go for six-pack abs – that much desired washboard stomach that every infomercial and workout video seems to be geared towards!

Well six-pack abs take a lot of work and let’s be honest – working your abs can sometimes be boring right? Are you tired of performing sit-ups and crunches to infinity?

Well today I have three new weapons for your arsenal! Check out my latest Angry Trainer Fitness video where I show you three very effective ways to train your midsection and core – and they’re all performed on a mat!

I learned these exercises a few years ago when taking mixed martial arts classes and still use them to this day. They build strength, endurance and I promise you – your abs will burn!

Many thanks to our friends at Reebok for sponsoring this video… you ready!

All x 30 seconds performed in circuit style

  1. Rocking Abs
  1. Turtle Spins – 30 seconds each way
  1.  Crab Grab – 30 seconds each side

Rest 30 seconds and repeat

As you can see I suggest trying each exercise for 30 seconds to start. So move from one exercise to the next without rest and really focus on engaging those midline muscles. After you finish one round, rest 30 seconds and go again! I suggest you try 3 total sets and see how you fare.

Now to make it harder all you have to do is add time. So after a couple of weeks, try upping the time to 35 or 40 seconds, then 45 -50 until you work up to a minute or more. Let me know how you like it.

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