It’s time for another Infomercial Insanity post where I take a look at a popular fitness product and give my Angry Trainer thoughts!

Today I’m reviewing The Spin Gym, an arm toning device that fits right in your handbag.

But, DOES it work!? Let’s take a look…

Product Pitch

The Spin Gym promo video points out that many women have trouble with flabby arms and as a result can’t wear sleeveless clothing. Well not anymore! If you want fast, fit, sexy arms, simply use The Spin Gym for a few minutes each day and you’ll be showing off those guns in no time.

Apparently the secret to its effectiveness is Gyrotronic Resistance that engages all of your upper body core muscles as you use The Spin Gym. Simply go through a sequence of specific exercises and you’ll have slim, toned arms in no time. The Gym also supposedly targets multiple muscles and produces more ‘muscle heat’ when compared to the use of traditional dumbbells.

The product website depicts many celebrities that are singing its praises and has been featured on numerous television shows. The inventor – celebrity fitness ‘expert’ Forbes Riley says you can wave goodbye to flabby arms in just 5 minutes per day.

The Spin Gym costs about $30 and includes a carrying bag, a training guide and a bonus DVD series titled ‘Abs  and More’.


The Angry Trainer Says:

I had to laugh when I saw this ‘product’. What exactly does this double corded yo-yo lookalike do? Well I’ll tell you this  – it’s doesn’t out perform traditional weights or produce the same results, that’s for sure. What a ludicrous statement to make!

First, there is no core involvement using The Spin Gym, at least no more than standing up requires. Second, in my opinion it doesn’t work your entire upper body, not even close. The people in the demo video who say they feel it in their chest and biceps are for a lack of a better word – ‘mistaken’. You may experience a little stimulation in your triceps and upper/middle back BUT I must emphasize the movement and range of motion from the The Spin Gym is minimal – and so is its effectiveness.

Plus, how does using this device get rid of flab on your arms? Answer: It doesn’t! I think it’s extremely misleading to state that the Spin Gym will slim your arms. But that’s not all! The website also promises stimulation of the cardio system, increased mind muscle connection, reduced stress, amped metabolism and even improved agility! Seriously? Come on!

The Spin Gym essentially mimics the shoulder press, high/middle rows and triceps extensions, although with a very short ROM. And yes you may feel a burn in some muscles, but you’d feel a burn if I asked you to hold a soup can over your head for 5 minutes too! Crazy…

The Angry Trainer says: I Think A Yo-Yo Does More For Your Fitness! Just INSANE!


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