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Over the years we’ve seen hundreds of infomercial products designed to target the abs and deliver users that much desired six-pack! Well now many companies are targeting the upper body as well.

One such product is called Chest Magic  and it’s makers claim it works your arms, shoulders and back in just a few minutes per day.

So does it work? Let’s take a look.

Product Pitch

The pitch for Chest Magic starts off with ‘celebrity’ trainer Jennifer Nicole Lee asking viewers if they want a pumped chest, big arms and ripped abs. Well duh!

Apparently this full body trainer (designed for men AND women) replaces many conventional exercises and that if you use it for just a few minutes per day (haven’t heard that before, right?) you’ll be in great shape before you know it. In fact they say you’ll be ‘ripped, defined and stronger in weeks – Guaranteed’. 

During the product video demonstration we hear from a chiropractor who says there’s no product on the market that’s as good for men and that Chest Magic works the entire shoulder area (including posterior or rear shoulders). He even goes so far as to say the device is ‘revolutionary’.

One other advantage – Chest Magic folds up for easy storage and replaces thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The cost? You get the Chest Magic along with a workout and nutrition guide for about $100. Bargain, right?


The Angry Trainer Says:

In my opinion the Chest Magic is a shoulder injury – or worse – just waiting to happen! While Jennifer Nicole Lee may say it’s appropriate for all fitness levels, I’m telling you right now that it takes a great deal of strength (especially core) to perform this type of bodyweight fly exercise.

Furthermore the pitch is 100% misleading on several levels. For one, you won’t get much biceps work at all save for a little bit of stabilization. Second your posterior deltoids or rear shoulders do not get recruited at all in this movement. And thirdly some of the exercises they claim this device replaces – well it just doesn’t…

At its core the Chest Magic is a weak, limited range of motion, chest fly device. You’ll experience minimal shoulder growth and strength (if any at all) nor will it do anything for your back.  It’s simple exercise physiology – this movement has nothing to do with your back whether we’re talking upper, lower or middle – period. Let’s be honest here. People who are going to buy this product are out of shape and looking for a quick way to finding a beach body. That means they most likely have ZERO core strength and probably can’t complete one traditional pushup. They’re therefore the market most likely to strain their lower backs, abs or shoulders attempting to use this contraption.

Plus there’s one more red flag I can’t leave out! Last year I reviewed another fitness device that Jennifer Nicole Lee endorsed– The Ab Circle Pro. (By the way I’ve reviewed Jennifer too here on the site!) Just one problem. The makers of the Ab Circle Pro were recently sued and fined 25 MILLION DOLLARS by the FTC for making fraudulent claims about the benefits of their product. So forgive me if the words of ‘celebrity’ trainer Jennifer Nicole Lee hold little weight with me at all!

The Angry Trainer says: Chest Magic Is Not Only Useless But Potentially Injurious!

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