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We’re just a few days away from the election so today’s post has a political spin. But don’t worry – I’m not about to get all red state / blue state on you all!

As you may know, Mayor Bloomberg recently banned the sales of sugary drinks over 16 ounces in NYC – a controversial law that we’ve already discussed here on the site. But Bloomberg isn’t alone. Many months ago I wrote a post following the passing of a new junk food tax in Denmark.

So today I’m asking – What Health Laws Would You Like To See Passed?

I have to admit I’m really torn on this subject. On one hand I feel that taking care of yourself is YOUR responsibility and that regulating what and how much we eat is not the government’s job. On the other hand I KNOW that our country needs health education reform and that we do very little to help our citizens even ‘know’ what healthy is. It’s kind of a catch 22 because I don’t agree with government-imposed regulations yet I feel we have to have them.

That said there are some laws I do agree with. For instance – I don’t think I should have to smell or breath anyone’s cigarette smoke – ANYWHERE! I can’t stand walking down the street and having smoke blown in my face by another person walking by or by the droves of people who stand outside their buildings. We know it causes health issues so why allow it? In fact I’d happily vote for a law that stops parents smoking around their children or in the car.  I think that’s a true crime when mothers to be smoke and I know because my mother did and I grew up with chain smoking parents. It’s no fun, it’s gross and it’s a serious health risk.

So when it comes to passing laws to protect third parties, I’m all for them. But I do the draw the line at food and drink laws. And honestly I don’t think ‘sanctions’ on food or drink will have a positive effect or teach people anything. You can’t order a 17 oz. soda in a New York restaurant but what’s stopping you buy a 6 pack from the deli next door? That’s ludicrous! While I definitely don’t agree with consuming junk food, this is a FREE county right? Imposing laws on individuals in an attempt to get them to be healthier is not the way to fight obesity or rid America of its health issues.

If laws need to be created and enforced then I say go to the sources of where food is farmed and raised. Let’s make sure that what we eat is as clean and healthy as it can possibly be. We’ve already knocked out trans fats in foods and I’d like to see more laws passed dealing with the production and manufacturing of food rather than trying to limit certain foods. I’d also like to see a law passed where people who lead healthy lifestyles and don’t abuse the healthcare system due to their own poor choices get some kind of refund or tax credit. It worked with the auto insurance industry where they reward safe drivers so why not do the same for those who prioritize their health?

But what about you? What kind of laws would you like to see? Do you agree with food size restrictions? What about so called ‘fat taxes’? Or food production laws? And what about tax incentives for being healthy? Comment away…

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