sarah-palin-cook book

She’s back!

So this morning I saw a segment about Sarah Palin on The Today Show while performing some HIIT training on a bike at my gym. And since I’m a multi tasking blogger, I went straight to my Angry Trainer Facebook page to leave the following message…

‘Sarah Palin slated to write a fitness book….come on’.

That was my total message – no nasty words, no political commentary, nothing. The fact is Sarah Palin is a politician, NOT a fitness expert or trainer, so my remarks were meant to reflect this.

Well many people were quite upset with me, calling me a hater and telling me I should put my political feelings aside. Political feelings? Me? No way. My remark had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with how I feel about any celebrity or any person with a platform who tries to capitalize on the fitness market when they don’t actually work in the fitness industry! Being thin, normal weight or appearing fit are not good enough credentials to give fitness advice nor does it speak to a person’s knowledge about health and fitness. It means they’re thin. That’s it.

Now since this morning I’ve looked around the web a bit and read that Palin is an avid runner – heck she’s even been on the cover of Runner World magazine, runs marathons and apparently was a high school track star. I guess these facts are enough to make her a fitness expert right? Sorry, no dice! It means Sarah is a runner. That’s it!

I think what bothers me most is that I feel this is another example of shameless money making and taking advantage of people’s desperation to lose weight and become healthier. If Sarah Palin weren’t a former Vice Presidential nominee, if she weren’t in the spotlight, would anyone listen to her fitness and health recommendations? The answer is no. And even if she exercises regularly and eats well, that’s still not a free pass to start dispensing advice to people. Frankly Palin’s book bothers me, after all I’m a career personal trainer and I take my job and this website very seriously.

Now in truth Mrs. Palin’s book could come out and be terrific for all I know. Maybe she really does know a lot about health and fitness, we’ll all have to wait and see what she says when her book hits the market. But I feel this is a big problem within the fitness industry – everyone and anyone can be an expert. Where else does this happen? In what other industry can someone with ZERO experience in a particular field make headlines for writing a book?

I freely admit I don’t know everything and know there are many routes to achieve a goal. And I try to give different points of view on various subjects and introduce you all to other people in the fitness industry who I feel are worth following. My way is not the only way – I know that. But when it comes to celebrities, models or anyone else in the public eye, I wish they would just stay doing what they do and let people who really live and breath fitness for a living do their job. That’s just my opinion.

By the way I’m not writing a book on politics anytime soon…!

So what do you think? Should Sarah Palin write a fitness book? Is she qualified to? Comment away…