Alfonso Moretti - Figure 8 Workout

Hey there – it’s Top 10 time again! We figured it was time to bring back one of our most popular strands here at Angry Trainer Fitness and to kick us off we have a very special top 10.

Yep, today I’m sharing my favorite Angry Trainer Fitness Workouts that are on my YouTube channelfor FREE! 

We launched the ATF You Tube channel about a year ago and are now close to over 100,000 video views – and growing faster every month. But with over 45 videos now on the site (and more to come soon) you may not know where to start when it comes to picking which ones to watch. And that’s what today’s Top 10 is about…

I always say the only limitation in constructing a workout is your imagination and I’ve selected videos that best showcase my creativity and demonstrate exercise functionality. After all, you have to Be Fit not just Look It!

Here we go:

1. The GNC Drop N Roll Workout – To date this is one of my top 2 favorite workouts. I had just finished a Spartan Race and got the idea for this GNC sponsored routine from crawling under barbed wire in the mud! This workout includes a variation of pushups I’ve never used before that involves you actually rolling on the ground! And guess what? Part 2 is coming soon, but first take a look at the original and see how well you fare.

2. The Top 10 Mat/Floor Exercises – What if I told you that you’d burn 300 calories in 30 minutes without getting up off the floor? Interested? Well this workout delivers just that. It features lots of core and abs work, glutes, legs and hips and will even get your heart pumping. In fact Shape Magazine voted this routine a Top 10 on YouTube and it’s my most watched workout! So you know it must be good.

3. The Ass Kicker Workout – I came up with this interval style full body workout using my handy Gym Boss. It’s fairly straightforward – 10 exercises for 20 seconds performed in succession for 2 or more rounds with 10 seconds rest between each round. It doesn’t sound too tough but it’s one of those routines that sneaks up on you and kicks your ass! Do you have what it takes?

4. The Back To Basics Workout– I tend to get excited when I’m brainstorming ideas for workouts and sometimes I forget that people need to first master basic exercise form. This workout features a selection of go-to tried and trued exercises using bodyweight and just a few tools. It’s a great refresher, jumpstart or perfect when you’re not feeling 100 percent. And if you find it too easy just add more reps to each exercise!

5. The GNC Top 10 Ways To Perform Burpees – Want to get fit fast? Do burpees. Want abs of steel and an Adonis upper body? Do burpees. Want to be a conditioned, chiseled, lean machine! Then do burpees! In this GNC sponsored video I show you TEN different ways to perform this full body badass exercise! Why do the plain old boring kind when you can perform these? I add in some additional core work, plyometric and even make use of my Lifeline Jungle Gym suspension trainer! You can do them can’t you?

6. The Legs Of Steel Workout – Usually I focus my workouts on utilizing the entire body, but this time around it’s all about the legs. But this is not your typical workout. You’ll be performing 5 reps of 8 exercises performed in a row with 30 seconds between circuits. The Legs Of Steel workout is great because it hits the lower body musculature from all angles and really provides a challenge. If you like leg workouts you’ll love this one!

7. The GNC Bust Your Ass Workout!  Can you handle FOUR minutes of exercise? Yes just four minutes? Okay good. This is a true Tabata workout meaning I’ve selected 3 exercises, performed them for 20 seconds each with 10 seconds rest between, for 4 total circuits. The key here is to work hard – I mean really hard. Remember it’s only FOUR minutes so make every rep count!

8. The Bodyweight Blast Workout – As the name implies this workout is ALL bodyweight so you really have no excuses! If you have a floor and 15 minutes, you can do this. Simply go through all 10 exercises non stop, rest 30 – 60 seconds and repeat 1 more, 2 more or even 4 more times! How many circuits can you do? Forget the gym, grab some passion, dig deep and bust it out. You can curse me later.

9. The Double Century Workout – Time for some honesty – this workout kicked my ass! During the initial filming, my camera shut off on exercise number 3  (without me knowing), so I had to film the whole thing all over again! If you liked my Bodyweight Blast Workout, you’ll love this. It’s like its older, meaner, tougher brother! It has 20 BODYWEIGHT exercises performed in succession, but the degree of difficulty is much higher. It challenged me and it’ll challenge you!

10. The GNC Top 10 Ways To Perform Pushups – The Top 10 Burpee video was such a hit that I followed it up with TEN variations on the standard pushup. Sure they’re great for building upper body and core strength, but they get boring. Well not anymore! In this video I show you some really cool ways to spice up your pushups and take your fitness to a new level.

I’m proud of all the workouts that I share with all of you. But these ten really speak to the ideology and philosophy of Angry Trainer Fitness. I try to keep it fun and entertaining with each workout and keep you guessing with each new release. I hope you enjoy and use them as much as I love making them!

And I’ve got some more great stuff in the works! So don’t miss out – and make sure you subscribe to my Angry Trainer Fitness YouTube Channel.

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