Tatiana-Loving Fit

It’s been a busy week at Angry Trainer Fitness as you may have noticed!

My little bust up with Zuzana  certainly attracted a lot of attention and opinions! Among all the responses were many of you who suggested I check out Tatianna, the force behind the website Loving Fit.

I hadn’t heard of Loving Fit so I went ahead and took a look at what Tatianna is all about – and here’s my take!

Program Shakedown

At first glance Tatiana and her workouts look a bit like another popular site. When I first looked at her and reviewed a few videos I thought, “Ah man, another girl with ripped abs and an accent selling fitness”. BUT once you watch more than a few minutes you’ll realize Tatianna is quite different and my initial impression was very wrong. Tatianna comes across more down to Earth than that other site, both in the way the videos are filmed and how she carries herself.

Turns out Tatianna is a former professional figure skater and Certified Personal Trainer. All of her programs require little to no equipment and can be performed right at home. She makes use of chairs and furniture sliders in some of her routines as well as sandbags, medicine ball and jump ropes – you know, the standard in home workout tools.

Tatianna is originally from Moscow, so her videos are recorded both in English and Russian, and she takes great time to explain proper form for each movement. In fact on the website she clearly states that form is paramount. The workouts have names like Perfect Abs Afterglow, Bikini So Teeny and Sun Worshipper to grab your attention and make you want to check out the videos. The names are fun but I also have to say I looked at Tatianna’s form and also her use of cues to help people understand how to correctly perform the movements and I was very pleased. She’s spot on and isn’t posing for the camera but actually just working out.

All of the Loving Fit routines are 18–30 minutes in length BUT Tatianna explains to her fans that such short workouts may not be enough – and that they may need to add more exercises into their routines to keep improving. In fact she even goes into the science of time frames and fat burns. Refreshing to see!


So here’s the deal – I can tell in 10 seconds of watching a workout video if the person in charge knows what they’re doing on not – and Tatianna absolutely does. So what makes her so great? Well truthfully she and I share many common thoughts. For one, she believes in strengthening the body as a whole and doesn’t like machines. Two her nutritional suggestions while not quite Paleo are basic – whole foods, low sugar, not processed and NO calorie counting. And third, she’s honest and states her workouts may not be enough but they can be used in addition to other regimes to get results.

Tatianna’s workouts are creative, her voice is genuine and the ideas and philosophies, while basic, are super solid and make sense. I’ve only read part of her site and will be going back to search the archives and learn more about her ideas – but for now I’m a fan!

The Angry Trainer says HIGHLY Recommended!

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