So here we go again – yet another product that guarantees results without exercise!

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Flex Mini a “Medical Grade’ toning device aimed at women wishing to have a better backside.

Brad, a reader of Angry Trainer Fitness actually found and shared this product with me and asked for my thoughts. So here we go. What is it? What does it do? And most importantly  – DOES it work!?

Product Pitch

 The Flex Mini is essentially a version of the Abs Belt, but this time designed for the butt muscles. In the same way that the abdominal varieties supposedly send little electrical impulses to ‘fire off’ the muscles of the abdomen and reveal a six pack, this device reportedly helps tone your rear end by literally shocking your butt into shape!

Now get this – somehow this device is FDA approved, claiming to target your gluteal muscles in the same way that exercise does! That’s right, simply slip into your Flex Mini and get the same muscle activation as you would using an elliptical or while performing squats and lunges or leg lifts. According to statements made on the Mini website, there’s no need to worry about exercise form or finding the time or motivation to exercise. The Flex Mini does it all for you and you’ll reap the amazing benefits of a shapelier backside with nearly no effort!


The Mini is billed as having ‘Medical Grade’ gel pads that cover your upper rear thigh area and the very tops of your buttocks muscles. Apparently the pads send signals to the nerves in your muscles to contract and relax them naturally, while firming and toning the entire area. You can use the Flex mini while cooking, putting on makeup or even while watching TV!

So how much will getting a great butt WITHOUT exercising cost? The Flex Mini is about $200 although if you buy 2, you’ll save $50 and if you add a third unit to your order, you’ll save $100! And as I found out, if you try to close the website tab without ordering, they’ll offer you the Flex Mini for just $150! Wow, what a deal!

The Angry Trainer Says:

As I said when I reviewed the Ab Belt, I think this product is just ridiculous. The manufacturers cite the fact that sports medicine doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists have used this technology for years. What they don’t tell you is that 99% of the time, EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) therapy is used in recovery from an injury or post surgery – NOT to increase muscle size or to replace traditional exercise. In essence they’re twisting the facts to fit their agenda.

Furthermore while ‘FDA Approved’ sounds nice, it’s NOT an endorsement of legitimacy. While there may be many reasons why a device is approved, the two most common reasons are that 1) another similar device is already approved and 2) that the device is safe and effective for its stated use with little chance of causing harm. In this case since millions of EMS units have been used in clinical settings over the years and their effects on muscle are a bit of a ‘grey area’ we’ve got no clearance issues. Tricky!

What bothers me the most about the Flex Mini is that even if this product worked as stated – which truthfully I don’t believe it does – I suspect the results would be marginal at best. Why? IT DOES NOTHING FOR YOUR FITNESS AND HEALTH. So while your butt may be plumper (doubtful), your general fitness and health receive no benefit. Anytime a product states that it replaces the benefits of regular exercise and a good diet I’m immediately turned off. And to compare the results of the Flex Mini to squats, lunges and other great exercises is just absurd.

The Angry Trainer says: Spend Your $200 On Dumbbells, Medicine Balls & Other REAL Training Tools. INSANE!

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