Now here’s something you don’t see everyday – an infomercial product for a pill that says it will make you hungrier and help you GAIN weight!

Yes that’s exactly what the manufacturers of CB1 claim their product will do.

So what’s this all about? And does it work…?

Product Pitch

 I had to sit up and pay attention when this advertisement came on. The commercial shows people who are skinny and apparently have trouble gaining weight. We see a few shots of thin men and women and then a follow up of the same person with a new body! In the women’s case, CB1 says it’ll help you gain womanly curves and for the guys – yep you guessed it, we see pictures of guys jacked up after using the product. The information on the CB1 website says the pill helps to spark your appetite while slowing your metabolism. The problem they claim is that thin people can barely eat enough food to maintain weight, let alone gain.

The commercial goes on to say that this is what thin people need to finally get a great body. On the company website we see many before and after photos of people who have gained anywhere from 15–30 pounds plus! And of course there’s the usual testimonials accompanying the photos saying things like ‘my life is changed’, ‘I’m more confident’ and even that it’s helped one woman ‘overcome the challenges of her disease’. When taking CB1, the average reported weight gain is over 9 pounds per month!

So how much for the ‘curves and muscles pill?’ An entire month’s supply is about $40 and comes with a free nutrition guide.


The Angry Trainer Says

I had to dig a bit and find out what exactly is in CB1 that makes it so powerful. And guess what the main ingredient is? ECHINACEA! Yes the herb that you take to ward of colds and boost your immune system! The pills contain two Echinacea types – Angustifolia and Purpurea , and both are known to have strong immune boosting and anti inflammatory benefits. But there’s more…

The alkamides (components) of these two herbs contain a chemical similar, although much less powerful, to THC! Yes that THC – the stuff that gives you the munchies in marijuana. There is some evidence that these compounds do stimulate appetite a bit, so the company’s claims that you will be hungrier may be true. But I’m not sure that’s necessarily a good thing.

Okay for one, from what I’ve read the appetite stimulating properties of CB1 are virtually zero compared to the immune system boosting benefits of Echinacea. From what I could find, the true appetite stimulation was weak at best. Two, even if CB1 does stimulate your appetite, without a proper exercise program you’ll just get fat! Plus what exactly will you be eating with your newfound hunger pangs? Sorry guys – taking this pill will won’t give you a muscular beach body and on the women’s side, how can eating more food give you curves in all the right places – it won’t! It’ll give you a gut!

If these claims were true, everyone who used the more powerful THC in marijuana would be voluptuous and full of muscles. But we know that’s not true. Plus how exactly does CB1 ‘slow your metabolism?” That must be the most absurd claim I’ve ever heard and a totally backwards way to try and gain weight. Seriously! Slow your metabolism and yet stimulate your appetite? Ridiculous.

In my opinion this product is a total waste of money and the advertised benefits are extremely misleading!

The Angry Trainer Says: TOTALLY INSANE

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