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I’ve got a great guy lined up to share his thoughts on fitness for you today. Meet Pierce, aka “Professor P”. He runs BodyFit Lab, a premiere personal training center in Chicago. His credentials (Masters Degree in Physiology and Exercise Science) and client lists of athletes and celebrities are impressive, but it’s his PASSION for health and fitness and his desire to educate people that make him special.

Not only does Pierce train individuals, he trains trainers! That’s something you don’t hear everyday. Let’s see what he has to say.

1) How did you first become interested in health and fitness?

Growing up I was always active and athletic, playing just about every sport I wanted to be better.  When I was in college, I was a dual sport Division 1 athlete and fitness was a big part of my life. But I really dedicated my life to “health & fitness” after losing both my parents at a young age to preventable diseases. My father died of an aortic animism due to chronic obesity then my mother passed away from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) from her years of smoking.  I knew then I wanted to help others not just fix illness but prevent illness.  And so in association with NASM I opened Body Fit Lab Academy in providing health & fitness education & entertainment.

2) What’s the biggest fitness mistake you’ve made in your own life?

Lifting heavy without a spotter or safety locks. I was young and thought I was tough, so I didn’t need a spotter or safety locks on a straight bar. Well you know what happens, bar hit my chest, plates slid crashing to one side, then the other. My shoulder was fine, just bruised my ego. Those were the 90’s, now I use both a spotter and safety locks.

3) What’s the most common mistakes you see trainees make?

The most common mistake I see from “trainees” is not matching the proper workout and nutrition plan to their goals.  There are a lot of different workouts and nutrition plans to choose from and each will lead to different results. For example Bodybuilders eat and train differently then a marathon athlete would. Both are “fat loss” activities but each have different workouts, nutrition, lifestyle and results. Doing the ‘wrong’ training program for your goals can lead to frustration & ultimately quitting.  Trainees should get advice from a certified fitness professional to help them safely and efficiently achieve their goals while having fun.

4) Describe your current workout regime?

My workout regime is quite simple, I actually call it “play” – it’s fun and varies daily. Most of my workouts consist mainly of body weight exercises, stability training, and flexibility. I do still enjoy strength training like incline dumbbell press and cable rows mostly for maintenance not so much for growth.  Overall I enjoy creative weight training workouts and speed leg workouts. Finally, most my cardio is done with my dog outside. (German Sheppard)

5) What diet do you follow?

I’m never on a diet, for the most part I always stay active and eat healthy. My daily diet mainly consists of black coffee, chicken/fish, high fiber, kamut grains, whole fruit and little to no processed foods.

6) How often do you ‘cheat’ and with which food(s)?

I never plan to have a ‘cheat’ day. It’s rare but my when I do, it’s Organic Cheese Pizza from Whole Foods. Super thin crispy crust, tons of cheese, Yummy! Sometimes I throw chicken, spinach and tomatoes on it. I’ll workout twice just for big a slice. If you do choose to have a ‘cheat’ food I recommend (1) avoid processed foods (2) portion control

7) What’s the biggest misconception people have about health and fitness?

People think you can eat anything if you workout. You can NEVER out train poor nutrition.

8) What’s your number one weight loss tip?

Find a fun fitness and realistic nutrition plan and STICK with it.

9) What’s your favorite health / fitness book you’d recommend?

Funny, most of the books I read are textbooks or research papers. I’m kind of a nerd like that. I know there are a lot of great health/fitness books on the market for consumers today and it’s important for the consumer to find an author they can connect with and get motivated by.

10) And finally… What’s your fitness mantra?

“We create our own reality” I love this one, it does two things, (1) helps you accept responsibility for your current reality (2) empowers you to change it

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