I hope you’re all enjoying the new Expert Advice postings we’re running here on the site. My hope is that these pieces will give you some insight into the minds of today’s top trainers and fitness experts.

Today’s expert is Gunnar Peterson. About a year ago I reached out to famed personal trainer/athletic coach Gunnar via Twitter and with absolute class he’s stayed in touch, always has time to answer my questions and even collaborated with me on a workout program (see the Related Posts below)

As I said in my original review, Gunnar is a true coach, motivator and Rock Star in a league of his own when it comes to training. His answers are short, sweet and to the point. So let’s see how he answered my Expert Advice questions….

 1) How did you first become interested in health and fitness?

I was a fat kid so it seemed like a cure-all!

2) What’s the biggest fitness mistake you’ve made in your own life?

Probably not getting my nutrition dialed in right out of the gate.

3) What’s the most common mistakes you see trainers make?

I see a lot of pushiness / used car salesmanship. If I were a potential client, that would be a turn off. Remember how Tom Sawyer got the fence painted?

4) Describe your current daily/workout regime?

*Up at 3:45am, at the gym by 4:45.

*Lift, cardio until 6:15. Eat, clean up, get ready for clients by 7am.

*8-9 clients a day.

*Pick kids up at school at 3:30, 4, 5:30.

*Home, homework (kids do theirs while I prep workouts for the next day’s clients).

*Bed between 9:15-10pm.

5) What diet do you follow?

Right now I’m doing vegan with salmon as my constant Mulligan. I’m about 85-90% strict.

6) How often do you ‘cheat’ and with which food(s)?

I cheat with peanut butter. Sometimes a whole jar! Or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on non-fat (don’t ask!) vanilla frozen yogurt!

7) What’s the biggest misconception people have about health and fitness?

That weights will make you big or that it’s too late to REALLY make a change.

8) What’s your number one weight loss tip?

Eat breakfast and get more sleep.

9) What’s your favorite health / fitness book you’d recommend?

Arnold’s Bodybuilding Encyclopedia, it’s a must.

10) And finally… What’s your fitness mantra?

A little bit all the time is better than a lot every now and then.

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