Locker room nudity

Time to get a little… naked here at Angry Trainer Fitness!

Today I thought I’d raise the topic of locker room nudity. I’ve commented on this subject before but recently an ATF reader called Jodie mentioned that she’d like to see the subject tackled as one of our Angry Issues. Well Jodie – here you go!

So today I’m asking – are you okay with locker room nudity?

I have to be totally honest on this one – I find it absolutely gross and unacceptable to walk into the men’s locker room and see a bunch of men walking around naked. I’ve been called a prude, told I have to loosen up or stop being so uptight, but I actually find it just plain gross. And many women have told me they feel the same way when in the ladies locker room. I’m not homophobic at all so don’t think that has anything to do with it. It’s just awkward, ugly, weird and to my mind an invasion of my privacy – or their privacy…whatever, you know what I mean!

Funnily enough in most gyms I’ve been to it’s never the young, in shape guys walking around sans clothes, but the older, out of shape and often times excessively hairy men who feel comfortable bearing all. These guys hang around with one leg up on a stool holding conversations and shooting the bull as if they were in Starbucks. Now truth be told even if the locker room was filled with all fitness models I still wouldn’t care for seeing skin in the changing area. I find it odd and uncomfortable to be approached for a conversation by another guy that’s totally naked – I just don’t want to see it. I can remember going to the gym with my dad when I was younger and shorter. Upon walking into the locker room I remember being shocked at what I saw at near eye level! And I’ve brought my two boys with me to the gym and I know it made them equally as uncomfortable.

I guess my question is why is this okay in a gym locker room? It’s not acceptable anywhere else? I mean there are beaches that are solely for nude sun worshippers, but on a regular beach or anywhere else you’d be shunned and probably arrested for indecent exposure. Yet in gym locker rooms all over the world nudity is accepted. That perplexes me. In a day and age when laws and rules are made to protect individuals from offensive action, I personally feel men and women should have to at least wear undergarments when in a public place. And although you pay gym dues, it’s still public domain.

I also wonder how sanitary this nudity is? I’ve seen men shave at the sink basically pressing themselves against the counter. I’ve seen others sit buck baked on the benches and as gross as it is – scratch themselves and then use the sink, towel dispenser, hair dryer or anything in the locker room. Ew!

I’m sure I’m a bit uptight regarding this scenario. And in truth I’ve gotten over it and learned to ignore it. But I still would prefer to walk into the locker room and not wonder what’s going to be greeting me around the corner.

What about you? Do you have a locker room story or naked experience to share? How do you feel about nudity in changing areas? Let’s hear it!

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