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Angry Issues: Locker Room Nudity – Okay Or Out Of Order?

 Locker room nudity

Time to get a little… naked here at Angry Trainer Fitness!

Today I thought I’d raise the topic of locker room nudity. I’ve commented on this subject before but recently an ATF reader called Jodie mentioned that she’d like to see the subject tackled as one of our Angry Issues. Well Jodie – here you go!

So today I’m asking – are you okay with locker room nudity?

I have to be totally honest on this one – I find it absolutely gross and unacceptable to walk into the men’s locker room and see a bunch of men walking around naked. I’ve been called a prude, told I have to loosen up or stop being so uptight, but I actually find it just plain gross. And many women have told me they feel the same way when in the ladies locker room. I’m not homophobic at all so don’t think that has anything to do with it. It’s just awkward, ugly, weird and to my mind an invasion of my privacy – or their privacy…whatever, you know what I mean!

Funnily enough in most gyms I’ve been to it’s never the young, in shape guys walking around sans clothes, but the older, out of shape and often times excessively hairy men who feel comfortable bearing all. These guys hang around with one leg up on a stool holding conversations and shooting the bull as if they were in Starbucks. Now truth be told even if the locker room was filled with all fitness models I still wouldn’t care for seeing skin in the changing area. I find it odd and uncomfortable to be approached for a conversation by another guy that’s totally naked – I just don’t want to see it. I can remember going to the gym with my dad when I was younger and shorter. Upon walking into the locker room I remember being shocked at what I saw at near eye level! And I’ve brought my two boys with me to the gym and I know it made them equally as uncomfortable.

I guess my question is why is this okay in a gym locker room? It’s not acceptable anywhere else? I mean there are beaches that are solely for nude sun worshippers, but on a regular beach or anywhere else you’d be shunned and probably arrested for indecent exposure. Yet in gym locker rooms all over the world nudity is accepted. That perplexes me. In a day and age when laws and rules are made to protect individuals from offensive action, I personally feel men and women should have to at least wear undergarments when in a public place. And although you pay gym dues, it’s still public domain.

I also wonder how sanitary this nudity is? I’ve seen men shave at the sink basically pressing themselves against the counter. I’ve seen others sit buck baked on the benches and as gross as it is – scratch themselves and then use the sink, towel dispenser, hair dryer or anything in the locker room. Ew!

I’m sure I’m a bit uptight regarding this scenario. And in truth I’ve gotten over it and learned to ignore it. But I still would prefer to walk into the locker room and not wonder what’s going to be greeting me around the corner.

What about you? Do you have a locker room story or naked experience to share? How do you feel about nudity in changing areas? Let’s hear it!

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21 comments on “Angry Issues: Locker Room Nudity – Okay Or Out Of Order?

  1. I’m guilty!!! i just whip my gym kit off and waltz to the shower naked with my swimsuit in my hands, which I put on after showering, then proceed to the sauna, etc?? Sometimes the changing cubicles are full and I’m too lazy to walk around looking for an empty one, I then just peel off my towel, moisturise and get dressed!! I honestly don’t see what the big deal is?!?!

  2. It’s a locker room, i’m going to be getting changed and showering, that’s what a locker room is for. At some point I will be naked. The guys who struggle with their underwear wrapped in a towel look ridiculous. I don’t have a problem with my body or anyone elses for that matter, you need to chill out and get over yourself.

  3. Quickly getting in and out of the shower or changing clothes, no big deal. But there is a woman at my gym who routinely stands at the sinks/mirror and dries her hair, completely nude, and will stand there and apply her makeup after that. Why? And sitting on benches naked is gross.

  4. There is a line. It’s a locker room- it’s designed to be “isolated” so you can change. You at some point WILL have to remove your clothes. I do not have an issue with this- *MOST* people will turn around- change politely while everyone else tastefully doesn’t stare- and that’s it.

    But yes- older generations (men and women alike- but I hear the older men do it A LOT- completely with towel wedgie drying, one leg on the bench and everything) tend to go full blown nude to and from the wash room doing whatever the want- hanging out chit chatting. I find it’s totally gross and tasteless as well.

    it’s gross. no one wants to see your sweaty balls or boobies flapping back and forth. use your towel to walk to the shower- and when you dry off- strip down and get dressed. it’s not that hard to be decent and respectful of other people’s space.

  5. I really don’t care, I’m not one to hang out in a locker room nude but I don’t care if others do. But I grew up in a house where running around half naked was acceptable. It’s cool if it bothers you but it’s almost over the top HOW much it bothers you, I think you need naked therapy 😉

  6. I agree with the rest of the people here. At my last gym there was a communal shower as well – as long as everyone follows the rules (no staring, no shaving) I think this is fine and I actually find it relieving to see that NOONE

  7. Ewww, gross! I don’t have a problem with seeing naked people, as a PT I have seen my share on daily basis. But that is different. Would any of these folks do this in front of their family members??? I doubt it, not counting spouses of course. Would an adult male come out of shower at home, go to get water from fridge. And on the way, stop to chat a bit with next door neighbor who came in while the man was in shower? Would he stand in front of him, his stuff dangling in the wind? I doubt that. SO what is the need to do so in locker room at gym? If I am lazy to go get towel, holy cow, did I mention I am at GYM? :) Not the mention people sitting down on benches and stuff, that’s actually dangerous. And crucify me now…
    Doubt it.

  8. I have no problem with nudity. After taking a shower, I’m one of the ones you’ll see with my foot on the bench in front of my locker taking my time drying my legs and other bits because I need to get dry. In winter, you bet I’ll be slathering on the moisturizer all over. If I’m there with friends, sure we’ll have conversations.

    I agree that some ladies take things too far like drying their hair in the nude in front of the mirrors, trimming “cooter” in front of the sink. So gross! I never sit directly on the bench and am not one to be naked in the whirlpool. Basic hygiene folks!

  9. It’s a locker room – so not a public space; it’s a semi-private space. People are changing there, and grooming themselves, so it should be expected that they’ll be naked some of the time. While some grooming (like shaving, which is gross mostly because it leaves hairs on the floor of a public shower) should be kept at home, I think this entire post is misplaced and I’ll agree with the folk you label you prudish.

    Even in the locker room, no one is forcing you to look at other people’s bodies, except for perhaps a very fleeting glance as you pass by them. Mind your own business and you won’t need to be so disturbed!!

  10. To add to the list… there is a group of older Asian ladies who come in for the pool… they track water EVERYWHERE with no towels (going from pool > shower > locker room with no towel) and yesterday they were in there DYING THEIR HAIR…. UM HELLO? GYM NOT A SPA!!!! WTF are people thinking!

  11. Sitting on surfaces naked is a no! Invading somebody’s personal space while naked is a no! I can’t think of anything else that would bother me. I’m sure there is something. I walk around the locker room naked. When my gym provides me with a towel that is bigger than a wash cloth I’ll be happy to cover up … maybe!

  12. Its totally normal, that’s what changing rooms are for. I’ve been going since I was a teen and just like every other teenager I was curious about what everyone else’s privrates looked like (so I knew I was normal) so I’m glad I had that peace of mind. Were all dudes with the same gear and same needs to clean outlrselves, maybe you just have a willy phobia haha.

  13. I use a locker room at several locations and the middle age and older guys are OK with nudity – their own and others. The younger guys are also alright with it in two locations because the locker room is quite open and is just guys in a collegial atmosphere so its all non-threatening. Yes rules are important, above all no staring, but the point of a locker room is to cleanse oneself after working up a sweat or swimming and its just the human body. Perhaps a 30 minute naked chat with a stranger is not in order but a few words between friends when they are drying off and aren’t towel dancers shouldn’t offend anyone.

  14. I think most peoples level of comfort has to do with how they were raised. Conservative background… no pee pee’s please, liberal background… who cares. As one of those guys that is getting a bit older myself, I find that I care less about what other people think about my body. When I was younger I thought those old naked dudes were funny as hell.

  15. I grew up in an era (1950-60s) where the swim classes at the YMCA, high schools, and colleges were done without clothing. Military showers were all open, even toilets had no stalls. The attitudes were not suspicious of pedophiles or other sexual deviants. It was considered natural to be natural. I find it interesting that the younger folks are so judgemental of appearances. So many other cultures are not as neurotic about natural people doing natural things.

  16. I’ve read a lot of people bashing nudity at the Gym. It’s kind of funny. Gym is short for Gymnasium which comes from the Greek word Gymnos which means nude. You are supposed to be nude in the Gym. Originally Gyms and all athletics (Olympics for example) were nude.

  17. Dan McKeel

    Two words that no one bothers to explain— Gross and disrespectful.
    I speak English so I have no idea what an American means by gross but by the context in which it is used it seems to be a negative. That really confuses me a changing room is for changing in taking off outdoor clothes and putting on gym kit and vice versa. Showering is part and parcel of the facility. At school everyone strips off goes in the shower gets dry, chats to mates as they dress and go off to class –NOONE thinks it is bad or unnatural, just part of normal daily life–so why is it any different when you grow up??
    Disrespectful—how, in what way??? Usually I dont know half the people in the changing room so respect or otherwise is not any sort of issue. I find your assertion that nudity is in some way wrong and that you want me to feel bad about doing something normal.
    Like others I think that you have made so much out of a non-issue that you are in serious and urgent need of psychotheraputic help. You do not have to look at anyone else, you do not have to converse with them— would you have everyone in a hijab to satisfy your particular feelings? Are your feelings so much more important than anyone elses.
    Arrive at the gym in kit, go home to change and shower— end of problem

  18. Tigger

    I avoid gym locker rooms because I also find people walking around naked to be gross. No matter how many cubicles are provided, SOMEBODY will feel the need to walk around in the buff and I don’t want to have to see it. I’ll wait until I get home to shower… In PRIVACY.

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