Push up pump

I’ve been watching a fair amount of TV lately. As you may know I’m getting ready to hit the amateur bodybuilding stage once again in just over 3 weeks and while performing one of my many cardio sessions, I caught the infomercial for a new fitness gadget called the Push Up Pump on the airwaves.

What is it? What does it do? And does it work?

Here’s my Angry Trainer summary…

The Product Pitch

Essentially what we have here is a company trying to put a new spin on a tried and true bodyweight exercise. The Pushup Pump is a cantilever bench of sorts that when you lay your chest across it, essentially helps you to perform a pushup. It’s got three different hand positions that allegedly target different parts of your body. The company even goes so far as to say that using the equipment will ‘simultaneously engage muscles all over your body to get an entire core workout’.

But the makers go further, saying ‘it only takes 5 minutes per day to get lean and ripped results’. During the product video demo, various trainers talk about how this device targets your upper back, triceps, biceps and shoulders. There’s a section in the video that shows professional grade gym equipment and explains that the Push Up Pump works all of the same muscles in one compact design. There’s no more back pain, no more need for a gym. Simply use the Push Up Pump and you’ll be ripped in just a few minutes per day!

How much for this amazing device. Well it’s usually 6 payments of about $25, but the first 100 callers can have it for just 4 payments! So with $100 you’ll be set… or will you?


The Angry Trainer Says

Okay straight up – this thing is a JOKE in my opinion!

For one, have you seen the various hand positions? In the outer grip nearly all of the users are overextending their shoulders and inviting injury. It provides a ‘total body workout?’ How? It’s a freakin’ pushup! Don’t get me wrong, pushups are great, but they’re hardly a full body core workout.

What really pisses me off, and I mean I’m pissed, is where the trainers say this contraption works the back, biceps and other muscles. That’s a total load of crap and NOT a matter of opinion. The FACT is you simply can’t flex or be using your back muscles like you do in a row, while performing pushups! It’s absurd. How exactly does performing a pushup, whether via this device or with the more conventional approach replace biceps curls? It can’t and this is just more snake oil marketing. And finally we have the ‘just use it for 5 minutes’ load of BS. Come on really? You think you’ll look like those models in 5 minutes? Seriously? I’m insulted that this infomercial is even on the air.

Here’s the thing – you don’t need a Push Up Pump. If you’re not strong enough to perform traditional varieties of push-ups, there are modified versions like off the knee or wall pushups. The resistance bands on this ‘pump’ provide minimal if any resistance and no matter how you slice it, the true bodyweight variety is better. Period.

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