It’s been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts on a popular infomercial product or fitness DVD. So today I’m talking about TapouT XT  a mixed martial arts (MMA) workout program and infomercial that caught my eye.

Sure the marketing is great, but is it a good program for you to follow?

Here’s my Angry Trainer take…

Product Pitch

The TapouT XT program is a little different than other fitness DVD’s and it’s certainly NOT Tae Bo. What makes this program somewhat unique is that a real, live MMA trainer and conditioning coach is heading up the exercises. Mike Karpenko is the guy that leads all of the MMA style workouts that focus on different parts of the body and various parts of a program. So one workout may be legs and glutes, another may be plyometrics or core and there’s even a TapouT Yoga workout! In total there are 12 very different workouts. The program utilizes bodyweight exercises, combined with resistance band work and MMA style conditioning drills to create a series of unique workouts that aim to get you lean, fit and strong fast.

The program also includes a bonus DVD with appearances by some of today’s top MMA fighters who give great tips on striking. It’s kind of like an inside look at how the real guys do it and adds credibility to the entire program.

As usual the package comes with the usual ‘get ripped in 90 days’ tag lines and you’ll see the standard before and after photos of those who’ve lost countless pounds and inches. The makers even claim that you’ll burn up to 1,200 calories per workout!

For 3 payments of about $40 each, you get 12 DVD’s, 1 bonus striking DVD, a fitness guide, nutrition plan, resistance band and everything you need to start the program.

The Angry Trainer Says

It’s no secret I’m a huge MMA fan so when this infomercial came on I sat up and paid attention. And you know what? I really like it! I watched some of the workouts and they’re all really good. The form is great, the choices of exercises are smart and honestly it looks fairly hardcore. Of course you can always tone it down for your own fitness level so don’t let it’ look discourage you. MMA fighting is growing in popularity and many people are gravitating towards workouts that include some fighting techniques.

What I liked most is that the system utilizes resistance bands instead of free weights. This means that you can literally take it anywhere and still use the program. And unlike other in home bodyweight workouts, there’s no pull-ups involved, or any exercise that not everyone can do. Wherever you are, you can start using TapouT XT.

I’ve always said that MMA fighters have some of the best conditioning and fitness found within athletes. And their bodies don’t look to shabby either! Will you get ripped in 90 days? Well that all depends on your diet, I don’t have to tell you that. But if you use TapouT for 90 days you will be fitter, stronger and you’ll certainly know how to throw punches and kicks!

 This one’s definitely worth checking out!

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