Paula Deen-weight loss

Paula Deen is back in the headlines once again!

As you may recall a few months ago I wrote a post on the butter loving chef – a piece that elicited quite a big response here at Angry Trainer Fitness!

At the time Deen had finally come clean and admitted that she had Type 2 diabetes while also announcing that she was signing a million dollar deal to endorse a diabetes drug. Needless to say I was appalled that Paula stood to profit by pushing medicine – when it was her fat laden cooking that likely contributed to her condition in the first place! I titled my post – ‘Paula Deen – Time To Stop Cooking Crap!’  – and many of you agreed with my position!

Well Paula is back in the news again and this time for a much better reason! Deen is proud to announce that she’s now lost 30 pounds and feels “a thousand times better”. How’d she do it? Was it a crazy new diet? Nope, Deen says she now eats more green salads and vegetables and is limiting her carbs.  Although she doesn’t say it, I’m sure Paula’s also including lean protein in her diet as well.  And guess what? All that greasy, fattening, sugared and buttered food she’s famous for is OFF the menu. Paula says she feels great, has more energy and sleeps better. Well no kidding!

When I first wrote about Paula I was upset that Deen reportedly knew for 3 years prior to her big ‘announcement’ that she had diabetes. And there’s no doubt in my mind that her medical staff informed her that the condition could be improved, if not totally reversed, if she were to change her lifestyle – namely the food she ate and the recipes she sold. Yet for those 3 years Deen still taught people how to fry food in butter, and served up heart attack causing-blood clogging junk food for her fans. That is a terrible disservice in my opinion. And while I understand Paula had no legal obligation to disclose her condition, I feel morally and ethically she certainly did.

Funnily enough there’s no mention of a workout regimen or exercise in Deen’s new lifestyle. I can’t help but think she has to be working out, as exercised combined with a healthier diet has a 1-2 effect on combating the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

There’s a really big take home lesson from all of this – and it’s related to the FDA’s approval of Belviq, a new anti-obesity prescription weight loss drug that’s also now in the news (I have a lot to say on that topic too!) Paula Deen had been overweight – if not obese – for years now. And yet in a matter of months with correct diet and eating nutritious foods with minimal sugar she’s been able to drop 30 pounds fairly easily! The point once again is that there’s just no substitute for healthy eating and regular exercise. It’s the most natural way to keep the body healthy and fend off potential disease and sickness.

I think it’s great that Paula has seen the light and my only hope is that she uses her own experience to help change the lives of others. Especially her fans who’ve been eating and sharing her recipes for years. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new chapter for the lard loving lady!

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