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Infomercial Insanity: Tracy Anderson / Metamorphosis


In case you don’t remember, one of my very first Testing The Trainer reviews here on the site was about Tracy Anderson  – a celebrity trainer who’s main claim to fame is that she used to help Madonna work out. Needless to say I’m not a fan of Ms. Anderson’s ‘Method’ and I said so pretty clearly. The post got a BIG response here at ATF and still receives comments to this day.

So today I’m taking a look at another of Tracy’s programs called ‘Metamorphosis.’ But are the training methods for this one any better? Here’s my take…

Product Pitch

Tracy is at it once again claiming she can change body types with this program. This is the woman who flat out states that she can give any woman a ‘teeny-tiny’ dancer’s body by following her advice. Well in the new ‘Metamorphosis’ program, Tracy has identified and actually named specific female body types. Tracy says women fall into one of the following categories: Omnicentric (even fat distribution), Abcentric (more fat in stomach), Hipcentric (more in hips) and Glutecentric (butt fat!). Apparently she has a workout designed for each body type that will give you the body you’ve always wanted. In fact “Metamorphosis can challenge your DNA to change your body forever!


In typical Anderson fashion, the infomercial discusses how most exercise programs focus on compound, big muscle group exercises. But in Tracy’s program, her workouts focus on the smaller ‘accessory’ muscles that help tighten up your body. In essence, it’s her “Method” with slightly different wording.

The Metamorphosis program comes with a dance cardio DVD, an eating plan and three workouts. However if you sign up for an extended program, you can have new Metamorphosis DVD’s shipped to you automatically. The cost for the initial program is about $90 and you’ll also need 3lb. weights and a yoga mat. Turns out Tracy never uses more than 3lb. in any of her workouts!

The Angry Trainer Says

Everything I said in my initial review of Tracy’s Method holds true. But the Metamorphosis infomercial actually made me laugh! Watching this video was like seeing a Saturday Night Live episode. The “Dance Cardio” portion of the program? It’s a joke and in my opinion actually looks silly. Truthfully Tracy looks like an uncoordinated child jumping around. And the exercises that are shown look equally as useless. I found myself saying “what the heck is that”, or “what’s that doing?” when seeing these absurd “exercises”. I watched many of the program’s movements and from a muscular balance point of view they made me cringe. There’s tons of hip flexor and front shoulder work and body positioning that I think compromises form and exercise integrity and other exercises that in my view simply do NOTHING.

The naming of body types is just silly, and as I’ve said countless times before NO amount of exercise or specific training programs will reduce fat in a given area. If Tracy knew anything about how and why the human body stores fat and why it’s so difficult to mobilize it from certain areas, even she’d know it can’t happen. Sure the infomercial features the usual testimonials from women saying how the program changed their bodies. But when you look closely at the before and after pictures do you know what you’ll see? Weight loss, that’s it. These women are the same shape but a bit smaller from their fat loss. Nobody changed body types and no one looks like a teeny-tiny dancer.

The weight loss is minimally caused by Tracy’s workouts and has everything to do with what these women are eating…or I should say what they’re NOT eating. Once again I think Tracy’s program is a big fat fail!

The Angry Trainer says: Still Big Promises, Still Full Of BS!

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  1. Not every woman wants a “teeny tiny dancer’s body. I for 1 would look like a Dali painting. I have broad linebacker shoulders, have huge quads (more due to the athletic swimmer build I’ve been graced with, thanks to my mother) a “ghetto booty, and am more manly than most of my male friends. (husband included on most days) What the hell is a dancer’s body gonna do for me?
    Not all workouts are created equal because not all bodies are. Not all people are looking for (or should desire) a cookie cutter societal expectation of “perfect” find what YOU LOVE to do, and do it. Meanwhile, just get off your butt and do something, ANYTHING. MOVE, then worry about tailoring your food later on, after you’ve pissed off a riled up your metabolism.
    I hate the fake-xpert stuff. Don’t claim to be an authority unless you are. And at least do MINIMAL research before you promise something NO ONE can deliver.

    • Absolutely!! I would rather carry good muscle mass and age well than have a “dancer’s body” with no muscle and end up with the lovely dowager’s hump by age 60.

      We have to live in these bodies for the rest of out lives. So many people forget that.

  2. After completing Metamorphosis last summer I am still dealing with low back, sacroiliac joint, and inguinal ligament damage from her Method & it really sucks. If you like her method please don’t fall prey to her prescription of doing only her method & at least mix it up with traditional exercise to keep your primary muscle strong & balanced and less likely to get injured. Not using more than 3 lbs is just a JOKE & so is her diet advice. Some real life credentials would serve Tracy Anderson well!

  3. it really looks like she’s just making up the moves as she goes along…*like my 9 year old does). The animation that shows muscles shrinking away to just bone made me cringe. No thanks.

  4. in the age of photoshop and paid actors to do advertising it’s amazing to me infomercials still have so much power – it’s also amazing to me this woman has such a following

    • The diet and fitness industry are experts at preying on people’s deepest desires and fears. People want to believe so badly that there is some sort of magic pill, or a shot or an easy exercise that they can do. I am a weight loss consultant/nutritionist and believe me, the bulk of people that I talk to simply do not want to hear the truth. I would have a much easier time selling people a useless $80 supplement than I do trying to convince them to change their diets and move a little more. Sad, but I see it daily.

      • This is true, and it is the one thing that scares me as I begin my career as a personal trainer: that people are going to think doing one hour-long workout with me a week is going to be that magic that gets them into bikini shape in four weeks…that people are totally going to balk at exercising HARD, consistently, frequently…and especially, insist that they “need” to feed their families pizza, cookies and soda and refuse to eat clean. I’m ready for battle but the general population’s bad attitude discourages me.

      • I am also nutritionist and can confirm what you are saying: Most of People are looking for a pill to solve their problems. They are not ready to change anything with their eating-habits and Lifestyle. They are to lazy for that.

    • Elen

      The reason this woman has such a large following is because most women are brainwashed to want to be a light as possible with arms and legs that resemble spaghetti.

  5. In my opinion the Tracey Anderson Metamorphosis is another snake oil. It’s even indulging the women who believe they will “bulk up” with “normal” exercises. Just shocking to perpetuate a myth like that. If it was easy, everyone would be a bodybuilder!
    I also did some research on the diet aspect and found an interesting review last year about the method in which the diet had been reviewed by Drs and nutritionists in the UK (Daily mail 19th March 2011 ; article :I’ve got my Gwyneth Paltrow-body…but the Tracy Anderson Method left me so starved I suffered blackouts) After reading it I can’t believe why anyone would even want to try it.
    But then again I did go through quite a lot of scam diets myself until I realised consistency and being sensible in both diet and exercise was the key to feeling healthy, so I know how tempting the “silver bullet” for weight loss can be.

    • I read that article, too. If I remember correctly, the nutritionist who studied the plan calculated that the diet only allowed for 700 calories per day and that the lack of carbs, protein, fat, salt and, you know, nutrients, would cause a host if ill health effects very quickly.

  6. You’re definitely right when it comes to spot-reducing fat from certain body parts. I don’t know how this myth is still persisting and fitness “experts” and exercise magazines still talk about it.

    I was initially attracted to Tracy’s method because she talks about constantly switching things up so your muscles don’t get bored. This is important to me just because I get bored doing the same workout again and again. Then I discovered BodyRock and interval training and have never looked back. Every day I do a new and different routine that challenges me and keeps me entertained.

    I think there is something to working the smaller “accessory” muscles because traditional exercises work the larger muscle groups. Pilates works on the smaller muscles and helps align the spine, etc. Don’t quote me because I’m not good at explaining it and I’m not a fitness expert, but I think there’s something there. Maybe I need to read some old posts and see if you’ve ever addressed it. Overall, though, Tracy’s program just wasn’t sustainable for me (working out for hours every day) and it’s very expensive.

  7. Hi Alfonso,
    I totally agree with your take on this. If you are the Angry Trainer, I guess that makes me the Bitchy Nutritionist… LOL!
    Anyway, as much as this sort of crap annoys me, I take comfort in the fact that the average person will likely buy the program, use it a few times, and then it will gather dust on the shelf before it can do much harm. But, the incorrect information is still there and the unsubstantiated clams are still there. Abcentric? This (and the rest) are new names given to an old classification system. Why not just use correct somatotype names? Or, at least the old “apple or pear”.

  8. i did (am doing the program) so true “has everything to do with what these women are eating…or I should say what they’re NOT eating”. doing cardio, mat workout & diet i got the tiniest i’ve ever been looked amazing but couldn’t keep up the diet and without it well there’s not a whole heap to say.

  9. These workouts have been a lifesaver for me. Seven children and 51 years old , I find them fun and exilherating obtaining the results she claims! In the beginning I had to be patient with myself as I learned most of the “bizarre” moves from her webisodes. I ‘m a motivated person and do these workout 6 days a week.

  10. Oh my gosh. Minutes 7:30-7:45…..made me cringe. What is she doing just poking at people’s midsections and arms? That feels really offensive and subjective to me – rather than objective and non-judgemental. I prefer plans with no judgement and the typical ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph body type descriptions. I agree that these exercises don’t seem very functional. Thanks for the interesting post.

  11. the biggest joke is that I think her own body is not at all ideal. if she could change body shapes she would probably have more waist and less “square” hips (although of course she still has a very good body). if I promise something so substential then I need to look absolutely PERFECT!

    • I kind of thought that too, at first. But when you look at her before pics, she is built really strangely. I think what she’s got now is the best her that she can be. You can only transform to a certain extent and sort of fool the eye by changing what you can. I doubt her waist can get any smaller, and it’s definitely an improvement over her before waist.

  12. I also looked into Metamorphosis, including customer reviews. For $100 you get 3 “muscular structure” workouts that you change up every ten days and one cardio workout that you do every day, six days a week, for 90 days, then you put it away forever. They are 30 minutes each, so she’s down to one hour a day from two hours. After the 90 days you get some continuation program that they send and charge $29.95 to your credit card. Of course she has her devoted followers, but there were a lot of complaints about sore wrists because 20 of the 30 minute mat workouts are on hands and knees. I decided to pass, partly because it looks like its main purpose is to support her expensive gyms in New York, Los Angeles, The Hamptons, London and wherever else. Hats off to Tracy for her marketing genius.

  13. Ohhhhh… as a trainer – these darn celeb fancy “methods” just drive me crazy!! Come on… please … nobody needs this program… eat clean and find different types of workout/fitness that you enjoy… period!! :)

  14. This clip made me laugh out loud, especially the bad photoshop job on the ‘shrinking’ images, as someone else mentioned earlier. I had the same thoughts as Alfonso watching the bits where Tracy is prancing around – all she seems to be doing is waving her arms out to the side a lot; if only that was all it took to get a good workout!!

  15. I actually like this method. I’ve heard and read alot about fitness and nutrition, there are always several callings from different trainers sites who want to teach you scientifically funded truths about fitness. The best thing about Tracy’s method for me is that it is super easy to follow. She isn’t there teaching you science, she’s helping you workout. It is very easy and simple. The dance is fun, she keeps you motivated. I feel a burst of happiness hormones when I finish off the cardio. I only need a mat and an hour a day. The diet is easy to follow and makes me feel good. It isn’t very restrictive to me. She uses that old concept of tricking your metabolism alternating calorie intake in her so called “nutried boost weeks” and “body reset weeks” – again, she doesn’t teach you about it, she just tells you what to do. The biggest pro of it is that it’s easy to follow, and perhaps that’s where her success comes from. I praise and respect her.

  16. i just finished level 1 in metamorphosis last week, and i had a rest for a day after that, but when i started with level 2 i had that pain in my ribs when i was doin the cardio and i couldnt sleep one whole night coz my ankle was killing me. so i said i will give myself a rest for a couple of days. but now i dont know should i complete it but am really worried i may get that pain again?!!

  17. It just works! I have done EVERYTHING Pilates, strength training, cardio barre, Ive followed all the articles and books which explain the science behind changing your body and tried building lean muscle mass combined with eating clean and doing cardio 4 to 5 days per week. Yes my body did change, but it wasnt a body shape that i liked, In fact it always seemed to eccentuate what I didnt like about my body by adding just a little more mass to my frame. while I have no problem with the look of muscles on a woman, and never looked like a man I never achieved the look that I wanted.

    I dont know why her method works, while it does appear to defy exercise science, it has been THE ONLY method that has given me a sculpted look. If any other form of exercise system would have worked for me I would have stuck with them.

  18. I hate it when people review workouts by watching them and not doing them.

    Years ago, i bought a classic firm workout tape. My dad (an athletic guy) sat on the couch and laughed at me….how i was doing easy girlie fitness. So i bet him to do the workout..

    He couldnt finish the workout.

    So fine….you can run, you can swim, you can lunge and squat. Clap. Clap.

    Bet you CANT do high energy dance for a half hour…..

    • Ok a few things. 1. You’re wrong, I can dance for 60 minutes as I take my girlfriend’s Latin dance class which puts Tracy’s ‘high energy dance’ to Shame. 2. I don’t care if Tracy’s program is hard, hard doesn’t always = productive towards fitness and health. 3. I hate when people don’t actually read what I write!

      Clap clap.

      • Have you actually done her dance cardio DVD? I can run three and a half miles at a 6mph pace but I can’t finish this DVD- I’ve done it about four times now and can get about half way through before I have to stop. It’s way harder than a latin dance class.

        Try it. You’ll see.

        • Michele

          I’ve done her workouts and have been fine. I am also a personal trainer so I was interested to see the buzz, and I do like what she does. She doesn’t actually say a “ballerina” body, she says a “dancers” body and we all know dancers are not one size fits all. She has a dance background AS DO I and a LOT of what she is doing is simply ballet on the floor.. and it is safe for the average-sized woman.
          That being said.. if you are very overweight and weak, you have to take it easy and she tells people that in the video (remember this is a VIDEO not personal training – a person has to have common sense and personal responsibility – you don’t just follow blindly you listen to your body, which she says over and over in the video)…a very overweight person who decides to run for a half hour is going to have some shin splints etc…
          Her marketing is what it is.. not much different than I’ve seen for other sports, workouts, trending workout videos etc.
          Her “jumping around like she doesn’t know what she is doing” should actually read “she is jumping around AND I DO NOT know what she is doing”.. it means you can’t pick up her quite easy choreography that is simply a combo of broadway jazz with jumps and some other blends of dance altered with jumps and jumping jacks. No biggie. It’s a style thing not something to try to knock her credibility down with.
          Her “diet” she openly states is more of a detox and it is meant to be very temporary. She openly states this and writes this in her work. This is actually MORE than a raw detox diet is.. and my guess is that a lot of what she is selling and encouraging is simply DIFFERENT not “wrong” than what *some* are used to.
          I actually am more raw food based so her diet program seemed barely detoxing to me and I went more hardcore with it, and went back to my normal eating – though I didn’t focus on losing weight, I did change muscle tone because I DID work muscles differently than I was used to.
          I mean, if you start kayaking a lot and you never did, you should change your body shape by a bit.. this is not different.
          Not liking her style, special effects whatever.. that’s all personal. It has nothing to do with the actual program because unless you KNOW the program in and out, you can’t comment or give an opinion on it with authority.
          My take: she got popular because she created results. When you become popular, you are going to attract fans and foes.
          It is more unhealthy to point the finger and build up cortisol from anger than it is to just live and let live. People like her and some don’t.. we all have that as well. She is just more popular than any of us so she gleans a higher stat of haters.
          When we all break it into the big time I guess we will have posts picking us apart also :) That’s a compliment –
          Enjoy your day and I do respect everyone for their opinions & hope I get the same respect.

      • marsha

        Bravo!! Absolutely Salsa/Latin dancing is far more effective:) I actually use it as a warm up before I hit my kb’s and I don’t believe in lifting light either!!! Did someone on here say she suggests eating 700 calories a day??? Seriously, WtF… If anyone is eating 700 calories a day, please take this into account, your hair might fall out. No joke! I mean, think about the fuel your body needs to blink, breathe, digest… etc. Sure, there are several positive testimonials on here about here Tracy but I can promise you that Tracy hasn’t got a clue about NUTRITION. Whatever floats your boat, you like her great, but don’t take her flimsy advice on nutrition.

  19. I have been using the Tracy Anderson method for about a year now. Started with her 30 day method book and then went on to her Metamorphosis DVDs. I started with the Abcentric program and when my abs were inline I switched to the Omnicentric. When I started I weighed 158lbs and was a size 12. A year later I am 124lbs and a size 2.

    Having said this, I was not dumb enough to follow her food program or her aerobics. I did not drink that Koolaid. But I have worked out enough to know that the mat exercises would work for me. I combined running 5ks 2 to 3 times a week with the Metamorphosis program.

    ALSO, I am highly disciplined with my eating habits. I do not “diet.” I changed my lifestyle. I don’t eat a lot of ‘turf’ meat, preferring to eat seafood more often. I eat loads of fiber and antioxidant fruits like berries. I start the majority of my days with whey protein mixed with these greens and fruits. I gave up sugar completely. Rarely touch white carbs. No fermented alcohol like wine or beer.

    What the Metamorphosis workouts do for me is enhance my program. I have better definition throughout my body and I look great in my clothing. Before Metamorphosis my body looked bland and out of shape. I like my clean lines and especially in my legs and arms.

    My ‘Metamorphosis’ has inspired so many people that I get compliments from work, from friends, from relatives, and even from my health practitioners (both specialists and general practitioners).

    And yes, I have a dancer’s body now. BUT…. I am a small boned woman and don’t know if someone who is big boned would look like me after working the program. I am certain that they will look fit, however.

    • That is great to read about your success! If you don’t mind me asking, when did you first start seeing results? I am following her strengthening plan but not her eating plan (anorexia) and I supplement her cardio with good old fashioned running, which I know I’m not supposed to but I find her cardio too difficult to finish so far!

      I’ve only been doing her program for about a week but I’ve gained weight so far! I feel leaner so I believe I’m just building muscle but I would love to hear more about when you started seeing results on the scale. Thanks!

  20. It is always good to read reviews and I have to admit that a year ago I would have negatively judged Tracy Anderson’s method. I used to train for marathon’s do regular light training, spinning classes and a variety of sports and although I was fit, I never loved my shape. I wouldnt call it bulky, but just not as womanly as I would have liked. Then I tried her method and although I dont do her diet, I do her method 5-6 times a week. It works really really well, and it is really good for the core. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to have a womanly and lean shape and who is disciplined enough to do it very regularly. I wish someone had told me about years ago. Of course it works for me but may not work for others…

  21. This method is the ONLY thing that has ever worked on my body the way I wanted it to! The dance cardio is INSANELY good as you work up a great sweat and burn calories. (You don’t look any more dumb doing it than some drunk idiot bouncing around in the nightclub having a good time and I suppose that’s the beauty of at home workouts) And her method has done things to my body that years of weight training, trainers, running, etc etc etc etc just did not do. I love her method and it works great for me! :)

  22. I noticed in your review that you simply watched the infomercial…you didn’t actually try the workout. I have both thyroid issues and anemia – a combination that had me on the obese side at 5’3″ I found myself weighing in at 168. I started with what I knew…running…weight training (JAri Love, David Kirsch, various Women’s HEalth videos). I lost some weight – 5-6lbs, not a lot in the size department. I was working out 14-16 hours a week…with an average weight loss of .6. I found a review of TRacy in a fitness mag so I started with just the Mat DVD. My waist started shrinking almost from day 1. I was sold and ordered Metamorphosis. The dance cardio gets my heart rate up just as well as running and because it is more plyometrics than dance…it’s an excellent leg/ab workout as well. I am just now on level 5 (there are 9 levels) and I now weigh 139.6 and I’ve shaved nearly 7″ off my waist (at belly button), 5″ off my lower abs, and 4″ off my hips. My arms are muscular and strong…my legs very muscular and lean…..For the first time in 5 years (after having my son) I feel in control of my body and weight again. I went from having to workout 14 hours a week to working out 6. no matter how crazy or silly or absurd it looks…it works. So many of the leg movements incorporate your core – the arm work builds incredible triceps and shoulders giving your arms a far leaner look than bicep work…squats made my quads wide and square – Tracy’s workout gives me long lean legs. I’m happy to mail photos to anyone that would like to see proof. :-)

  23. I tried TA, Insanity and Ashtanga Yoga and used to run. Tracy’s method might work but it’s slower than the other three. She said you see results after the first 10 days. I was doing the workout 5x a week for 2 weeks and was eating healthy but saw very little difference, and as you guys pointed out earlier, this difference may have been from my diet. The dance cardio is ridiculous, it does make me tired but I get so impatient because the moves aren’t fun to do and i end up jumping around on my own for half an hour. If that’s the case, why spend $90? The mat workouts also hurt. You’re on your hands and knees a lot and she calls it muscle exhaustion but it’s more of my joints that end up hurting, and I switched to a thicker mat but too many leg swings on one knee still hurt the knee that’s on the ground. But maybe I was doing it wrong.
    With Insanity and Ashtanga, I could see and feel results after a few days. No weight loss right away but improvement in cellulite and muscle tone after a couple of sessions. With running, as long as I didn’t binge after, the weight loss was proportional to the effort and it was pretty much instant.

  24. If it gets people exercising and losing weight who otherwise would be going nothing because they dont like the gym, then doesnt it work? It sounds like you are saying the specific claims might not be accurate, like changing body shape, but if people are now working out because they are inspired by her, then it seems successful to me!

  25. I have been using metamorphis of 6 months now and do not follow the diet but eat sensibly. I had worked for years with a trainer and had also done programs like P90 and Insanity. I am 44 years old and NEVER have I had a body toned like I have experienced from Tracy Anderson’s Method. I get really tired of the negative reviews. I think that certain exercise programs work for some and not others and it is damaging to condemn a fitness program if you have never tried it yourself simply because you also happen to be in the fitness field. If you don’t like it – don’t do it but let other people try and decide for themselves. Ultimately what every trainer should want is a happy and healthy client. She works great for me and I will continue on with her for years. Love her!

  26. Be angry all you want people – this actually works. Mr. Moretti may be an amazing trainer but he should do his research before commenting on other workouts — she neever suggests she will spot reduce fat. ever. however her exercises do shrink you – through muscle toning. After years of gaining inches through tried and tested traditional workouts in 30 days I lost 2 1/2 dress sizes. And then I passed it on to a girlfriend who is a marathon runner and one of the most fit people I know – and it made her smaller too. So say what you want, this woman delivers as long as you follow her plan.

  27. Tracy is the trainer everybody loves to hate, apparently. I can understand that, given all her celebrity endorsements and her marketing her ‘method’ as a way to get ‘teeny tiny’. I find all that obnoxious, too. But I tried it, and I have to say it’s got a lot of merit to it. First, the dance cardio is great for people who tend to bulk easily. I have always been a runner, and even when I was very skinny, my thighs were huge, waist thick, etc. This biggest change I noticed after doing metamorphosis was that I started to develop a more feminine shape. My thighs slimmed, waist narrowed, stomach flattened. Also, I really like the omnicentric muscular structure work because you do a lot of plank-type moves where you have to support your body weight while doing leg extensions, and that has made me strong and done wonders for my flabby arms. Metamorphosis isn’t perfect – she doesn’t cue for floor ab segments so you have to strain your neck to try to watch as you do it with her, and in my opinion the arm sections are insufficient (the two on her mat method dvd, however, are awesome). The diet? I didn’t even give it a second thought. It’s too restrictive. Also, people get hung up about her dance cardio sequences, saying it’s so hard to learn them and follow her. But once I did the cardio a few times, I picked up her basic moves and ever since then I just play my own music and do my own thing, incorporating her moves and some of my own. I sweat like crazy and it’s actually really liberating ‘performing’ and leading yourself in your own class. It’s a full body workout (I’m twisting and jumping and fully using upper and lower body, whereas when running I was just repeating the same motion over and over again). Bottom line, I think it’s unfair to bash her workouts until you’ve given them a fair shake. Everyone’s got different workout goals. I want to be fit, strong and lean (not overtly muscular), so for me this workout is great.

      • Trina

        Dude, you “think” her workouts are bogus but do you “know” they are? I do sit ups on a slant bar, I do core work on a ball, I do crunches with medicine balls, etc. etc. and her abs workouts are by far the ONLY workouts I have ever done in life that have me crying not even halfway through! Tracy is very challenging and her moves may look silly or whatever, but she HAS done her research and she IS a certified trainer like yourself, so as that old saying goes “don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.” And most women who are athletic or who have had some training and are regularly on the right track with a healthy lifestyle DO report after sticking through this program they see pleasant changes in their bodies they dont see with traditional programs. Nobody knows a woman’s body better than a women, so get yourself a female client to do this before you have credibility to blast it. Thanks, carry on.

  28. I did her program a year ago, and my body shrunk in inches. I didn’t do the diet part. I just did the exercises and ate healthy. I didn’t follow her eating plan as it is too restrictive. All I can say it that I did lose a lot of inches. I have been working out in other ways since I finished her program a year ago, and I have decided to go back to hers. I notice a bigger change. Everything shrinks and stays tight. I feel muscles working that I cannot feel working when lifting weights because her method forces you to use your body differently.

    All I can say, is that when you don’t change your diet, but change your work out routine and and you see results…. well I know what I am staying committed to.

  29. Your comments are very disrespectful and focus entirely on the negative – karma has a way of biting people like that. Each to their own Alfonso! Looking at the vitriol you have simplistically pasted on your website indicates you mindset isn’t worth following. Perhaps “thinking” about the words you use might help.

    • Maggie your use of the word vitriol to describe my website says more about you then me. Karma – you mean as in how Tracy has scammed millions of dollars from people with her BS? That’s Karma Magggie.

      Have a nice day and be well.

  30. what word would prefer to describe the contempt you displayed towards someone who works differently to the “only weights will do” method your website shows blind preference for? perhaps its the fact that she makes more money than you that’s caused that response.
    Hope you’re happy too.

  31. I did loads of different workouts and as much as I absolutely loved doing them (spinning, lg distance running,), I have to admit that it didnt give me the results I wanted esthetically speaking. I always used to look too muscular – not fat – but not as svelte as I would have liked. Tracy Anderson’s program helped me lose inches but not weight – and thats what I wanted. Despite the 3-pound weight thing, my arms habe gotten quite toned though – but it is because she does a lot of moved that involve planks.
    Also I ntoiced that if I stop doing the program for a week or so, I lose the overall tone more easily, which wasnt the case with runnIng. I think she does good stuff but uses different muscles and would call her moves bogus – there are thousands of people like me who do the workout, not the diet, and see results – thats not bogus.

  32. What I’ve noticed in the wonderful world of fitness lately is that so many programs advertise to women promising not to bulk them up (Flavia Del Monte for example). But, they show pictures of models supposedly with the non-bulky results that are quite ripped, veiny and bulky.

    It would seem that the definition of bulky is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a great look if that’s what you’re after, but many of us don’t want it, consider it bulky, AND you have to go out and re-buy your boobs to have any apparently. I guarantee you I can bulk and I don’t have to take testosterone to do it. Squats twice per week and 25 lb dumbbells for upper body, and I’m not wearing regular ladies jeans comfortably–forget about skinny-leg jeans, and short sleeves are tight.
    I consider toned, non-bulky results looking like Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, etc… I don’t think anyone wants to look like Madonna, who admits that she does everything to the extreme including exercise. I think Madonna was on a different plan than Tracy’s standard plan, lol.
    I would also like to add that I read on guy trainer’s website that after training his wife and many other women, he realized that their hip flexors are quite tight and seem to need lots of work and that our front shoulders benefit from lots of work as well compared to men.
    Yep, I did the Jari Love, Body for Life, etc… Sorry Alfonso. I bulked at 5′ 5″, & 125 lbs and it wasn’t pretty–at least not to me.

  33. I saw Tracey on tv adverting her product. I was not impressed, These women she help lose weigh look like the where anorexic. No shape or stucture any where on their bodies. All you see know is a body with a big head on it who want to look like they are anorexic. Even Tracy looks anorexic.

  34. I actually did the Metamorphosis Omnicentric method. I included Cardio/Running/Yoga into my regime and did NOT follow her meal plan.

    My body DID change shape for the better. I lost 2 sizes and even gaining a few pounds back, I’m still at my new size.

    I’m not a long and lean person. I was a swimmer so I have a broad back and have always been athletic… just with a little extra.

    Comments from people who have actually done this would be more positive and helpful than the judgmental air I see here.

    We should encourage others who choose to work out and be fit & healthy, whatever the method.

  35. Maybe Alfonso is a little pissed off about Tracy’s financial success? He seems a little ‘worried’ about that. Why is it a scam if it works and makes people happy?

    It is a challenge at times, and maybe not for all, but most people who adhere to it find they can meet their goals. If you don’t like the program don’t do it. Don’t blast her for her success especially if you haven’t tried it!

  36. my biggest problem with the tracy anderson metamorphosis is that there is no “instruction” she just starts bouncing/dancing around and expects you to follow along. i worry that i’m not doing it right and wonder how I am supposed to feel good about spending this money on a workout video without some basic guidance for what you should be targeting or focusing on. the “diet” is essentially a take on the fad liquid or cabbage soup type diets- nothing novel.

    I generally really like workout videos because they help me add structure and/or skill to my home workouts. I had high hopes for this one- but it didn’t really seem to offer any added value to the things I could do on my own. not worth the money.

  37. I’m going to have to disagree about her cardio. It may “look” silly but it’s actually quite intense. A LOT of women have lost weight and completely transformed the way they looked through her program, including me. Even better, most of the women who use her discussion panel have refused to do her diet and just eat normally, watching portions, and cheating every once in a while – and they’re STILL losing weight.
    I would much rather trust a woman to help me re-shape my body than a man. Your bodies are totally different than ours, and I don’t want to look ripped like a guy. I want to look tiny, yet toned. With TAM, I’ve achieved that. So you may be “angry”, but her program works. No offense…

  38. PS: After 20 days with Tracy, not really watching my food, I lost 2 inches around my belly button, in addition to .5 inch losses elsewhere. And I only have ten pounds to lose to begin with.

  39. I trained for years with a trainer in a gym. Also completed 6 months of p90x and p90xplus. I’ve been doing Metamorphis for 2 years now. I’m enrolled in Continuity and I absolutely love it. I am much more toned and fit than ever before and I lost 17 pounds with Tracy. I do not follow her diet. I just eat healthy and avoid meat and gluten breads and pastas. She’s changed my body. I did bulk up a bit with p90x and with Tracy I definitely have a longer, leaner muscular look. I am 44 years old and feel totally confident in my body and wear short jeans shorts in the summer! people can not believe my age. Xo to Tracy!

  40. hey alfonso!
    check this article out. this lady did the tracy anderson method and then went to get analyzed by a pro.

    enjoy being proved right!

  41. I wish people won’t be so ready to bash another’s workout unless one has really try it out. Unless one is so certain that this is really utter rubbish, one should not ditch other form of workout. There is positive way of promoting and there is negative way of promoting and I actually find this writeup here very negative. The main stream weight lifting group always seemed to like to bash those who do not want to follow their same formula. Seems like they can’t understand that workouts are just like food, there are so many different menus to suit different people. All fitness people should realise that it is very difficult to get people to be active and to workout. If TA’s workout suit some people and give results, be it, don’t bash.

    It is too negative. Everyone should respect another person’s fitness programme. If you don’t like it, don’t do it but please don’t sniggle at others.

  42. I did this “metamorphosis” last year for 4 months. I was in decent shape before, needing to lose the 3 lbs I gained over Christmas vacation. I didn’t follow the diet plan because I eat a healthy anti-inflammatory diet. After month 1, I went back to the treadmill because the dancing had messed up my knees and gave me shin splints. After month 2, I had to stop the treadmill, so I bought an extra centric and started that for another 6 weeks so I could continue to work out 1 hour a day. Bottom line, after 4 months, I had gained 10 lbs, lost all the back muscles I had worked a year to put on, and lost all my quad muscle tone and had flabby knees. I ended up with chronic back and wrist pain for several months after I stopped. It’s taken me 8 months to lose the 10 lbs I gained, and to get my muscle tone back where it was. Yes, her exercises picked up my butt, but now that I’m back to my original weight using a combination of barre method, tabata, and adding in some HIIT’s, as well as weight lifting, I think my “rear view” looks better than ever – without Tracy Anderson.

  43. Karianne, I totally agree with you. I think an article like this just unbecoming. To make another point, men and women’s bodies are not the same. Women, especially older women or women who have had children, find out later that they can’t rely on old methods that worked for them before because our bodies simply change and no amount of weightlifting, running, and jumping jacks will fix it. Stubborn fat deposits and certain muscles just don’t shape up the same anymore, so why not give something else a try? Men can’t survive on the diet of a normal woman and vice versa, so why would workouts be the same? The ultimate point is that it gets everybody moving. You shouldn’t shoot down people in your own profession to boost yours. It just comes off and arrogant …. angry.

    • Amy I don’t need to shoot anyone down to ‘boost’ my profession. I’ve said all I have to about Ms. Expert Tracy Anderson. And truthfully you have no clue whay your talking about. You’ll be hard pressed to find ANY reputable trainer that endorses her or her method. That says it all. If you like it, good for you.

  44. This is so unbelievably ridiculous that you’re hating on this! It’s a fun way to lose weight and get into incredible shape. The routines are challenging, and made me work muscles I didn’t even know I had. You’re also encouraged to follow a fairly strict diet plan, and if done properly it maximizes your results. Flirty Girl Fitness is also amazing. It makes you feel fun and sexy while you’re torching calories. I suggest that you try thinking outside of the box and stop being so uptight! Oh and that reminds me- If your claiming you wouldn’t want a “dancer’s” body, then you are full of it and you’re lying to yourself ;] Now get your little butt up and start danccciiiiinggg!

  45. First off for the ignorant, go back to the basic rule of calories in/out. That’s all you need to say about loosing weight flat out. Based on Tracy’s own statement, using the smaller muscles you will get to your target faster, EVEN though they have less muscle mass, burn less calories, yet can do magic when you do her workout and expend more calories then major body movements. BS ! All THESE DIFFERENT WORKOUTS MAKE ME LAUGH. Granted some are hardcore, the WHOLE point of any of them are for the lazy-ass people to get up and move around = burning calories and loosing weight. Doesn’t matter what you do. A person could sit on there ass and play paddle ball and loose weight if that is more activity then they do normally. FOR THE COMMENT OF MEN AND WOMEN. What a load!! Body structure for both are practically the same in regard to muscle, movement and biological response. YES, actually EVERYONE is different in there own way but trying to cop-out with the poor me, I’m a women and need SPECIAL workouts is just ignorant. I’m sure anyone with any expertise in this area knows that all any of these PROGRAMS do is victimize the ignorant. Oh, and I love how Tracy has IDENTIFIED womans body types as if no one has ever brought up anything like that before. Called genetics and you can’t and won’t change where your body prefers to store body fat. SPOT REDUCTION like Really? Really?!!!? What an idiot trying to promote that now. Oh yeah, and for the body types I haven’t identified, I will just throw you into “Omnicentric” so my program can fit all women. God how pathetic. This crap makes me want to make my own workout/program as it’s obviously so easy to make money from these. People are so ignorant and lazy. The one thing that does make me laugh even more is the movements!!!!! As stated in Alfonso’s review, if you like fling your arms around like a child, this workout is for you!!! S

  46. Totally disagree with you Angry Trainer Person. I have just been doing random Tracy Anderson YouTube workouts, approx. 30 minutes each. In just a week I see my body becoming leaner and more toned in a feminine/petite way. Her training of the accessory muscles, and her movements really work, but you have to have your whole body involved and they can be quite difficult to perform correctly…much like dancing/ takes skill. Bulking up, takes skill too just a different type. I see results!!! That is all I know and count on. I just ordered Metamorphosis and am super excited to be in the best shape of my life by 4o (3years away) and beyond!! Yay to diversity and teeny tiny dancer feminine bodies:) Remember it takes all kinds! SO lighten up on hating an amazing trainer will you please?

  47. daniella

    I guess the main thing that struck me about your “review” of her method is that you didn’t even try the program. No wait, you didn’t even WATCH the program. You watched the infomercial. Now I haven’t watched or done the program either so i can’t comment either way and frankly I am a little amused that someone that claims to be as professional as yourself would come across as ignorant as you do in your”review”. It is laughable that anyone would write a review on something only basing it on having watched a commercial. If you are as intelligent as you think you are then it would serve you well to properly research things before you claim to be an authority on the matter. Just a thought. Stay HAPPY! :)

  48. Sarah

    I lost 30 lbs on tracys’s 3 month abcentric program. I’ve run half marathons, done p90x, sprint triathlons, played competitive sports etc…and never seen results like her program gave me. I’m no stranger to the gym but most traditional workout methods give me a really masculine shape (big shoulders, puffed out abdominals, massive thighs). This workout slimmed me down and gave me great muscle tone. True, you jump around like an idiot 6 days a week but I look better than I ever did when I ran 5 miles a day. I guess it just depends what your goals are – if you want a trim, slim dancers body this works.

  49. vanna

    I tried her workout 1x thats all it took to know that i would have terrible lower back pain from her method.
    & Sciatica ! I was already very very fit and wanted to try a new thing but it wasn’t for me.

  50. Christina

    I love the program, except for the cardio dvd..that is just plain silly. I end up doing turbo jam as my cardio, then follow up with the metamorphosis dvd. I have tried programs with heavy weights and had little results. This one is easier on my joints and results are steady and reasonably quick.

  51. Abi

    Hi, ich habe bought the metamorphosis dvds and at the moment I am not very happy with it. I have several dvds but it shows not much. But what I wonder is, is the dance video is only animated. The shadows are sometimes crazy and the mouth is closed almost all the dancing. It does not look real.
    Knows anybody about this ?

  52. Rebecca

    Well said. I thought the same thing. The reason the people who follow her program lose weight, is because they are sweating & starving themselves. You could do that anywhere. Her product is too gimmicy. She lacks co ordination like you said and her moves are hard to follow and ‘odd’ looking.

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