In case you don’t remember, one of my very first Testing The Trainer reviews here on the site was about Tracy Anderson  – a celebrity trainer who’s main claim to fame is that she used to help Madonna work out. Needless to say I’m not a fan of Ms. Anderson’s ‘Method’ and I said so pretty clearly. The post got a BIG response here at ATF and still receives comments to this day.

So today I’m taking a look at another of Tracy’s programs called ‘Metamorphosis.’ But are the training methods for this one any better? Here’s my take…

Product Pitch

Tracy is at it once again claiming she can change body types with this program. This is the woman who flat out states that she can give any woman a ‘teeny-tiny’ dancer’s body by following her advice. Well in the new ‘Metamorphosis’ program, Tracy has identified and actually named specific female body types. Tracy says women fall into one of the following categories: Omnicentric (even fat distribution), Abcentric (more fat in stomach), Hipcentric (more in hips) and Glutecentric (butt fat!). Apparently she has a workout designed for each body type that will give you the body you’ve always wanted. In fact “Metamorphosis can challenge your DNA to change your body forever!


In typical Anderson fashion, the infomercial discusses how most exercise programs focus on compound, big muscle group exercises. But in Tracy’s program, her workouts focus on the smaller ‘accessory’ muscles that help tighten up your body. In essence, it’s her “Method” with slightly different wording.

The Metamorphosis program comes with a dance cardio DVD, an eating plan and three workouts. However if you sign up for an extended program, you can have new Metamorphosis DVD’s shipped to you automatically. The cost for the initial program is about $90 and you’ll also need 3lb. weights and a yoga mat. Turns out Tracy never uses more than 3lb. in any of her workouts!

The Angry Trainer Says

Everything I said in my initial review of Tracy’s Method holds true. But the Metamorphosis infomercial actually made me laugh! Watching this video was like seeing a Saturday Night Live episode. The “Dance Cardio” portion of the program? It’s a joke and in my opinion actually looks silly. Truthfully Tracy looks like an uncoordinated child jumping around. And the exercises that are shown look equally as useless. I found myself saying “what the heck is that”, or “what’s that doing?” when seeing these absurd “exercises”. I watched many of the program’s movements and from a muscular balance point of view they made me cringe. There’s tons of hip flexor and front shoulder work and body positioning that I think compromises form and exercise integrity and other exercises that in my view simply do NOTHING.

The naming of body types is just silly, and as I’ve said countless times before NO amount of exercise or specific training programs will reduce fat in a given area. If Tracy knew anything about how and why the human body stores fat and why it’s so difficult to mobilize it from certain areas, even she’d know it can’t happen. Sure the infomercial features the usual testimonials from women saying how the program changed their bodies. But when you look closely at the before and after pictures do you know what you’ll see? Weight loss, that’s it. These women are the same shape but a bit smaller from their fat loss. Nobody changed body types and no one looks like a teeny-tiny dancer.

The weight loss is minimally caused by Tracy’s workouts and has everything to do with what these women are eating…or I should say what they’re NOT eating. Once again I think Tracy’s program is a big fat fail!

The Angry Trainer says: Still Big Promises, Still Full Of BS!