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What’s BodyRock’s Zuzana Up To Now?


Come on now, you knew this review was coming!

If you’re been reading Angry Trainer Fitness for a while now you likely know who Zuzana is. I reviewed Zuzana when she used to be with BodyRock TV and the post proved one of the most popular pieces EVER here at ATF.

Well as you may know Zuzana has since left the site that made her famous and has branched off on her own. She’s now going by the name Zuzka Light… but are her new workouts as good as in her BodyRock days?

Last week I reviewed the new BodyRock team , but today is all about the lady we love with the killer body and great smile.

So, how’s Zuzana’s new venture?

Program Shakedown

The first thing you’ll notice about Zuzi’s new YouTube channel is the personality that we’ve all come to love. There’s just something about Zuzana’s manner, how she speaks and what she says that makes her an extremely likeable person. Her new channel was launched just this year and already some of her videos have nearly 100,000 views! It’s clear Zuzana has a devout following that are watching her every move – literally.

Here’s a little sneak peak of Zuzana in action.


What you won’t find is tons of video close ups of her backside or breasts a la BodyRock. And you also won’t find much equipment being used. Most of Zuzi’s new workouts are utilize bodyweight with occasional use of dumbbells, a kettlebell or a medicine ball here and there. Some BodyRocker’s have been complaining that there’s now too much product placement and equipment being used in the BodyRock workouts, and it seems like Zuzana has heard them loud and clear!

Every week on Zuzi’s You Tube channel she posts a ZWOD, which is Zuzana’s Workout Of The Day. These are essentially fitness challenges and you’re encouraged to record your workout time so that next time you can try and beat it. Jump lunges, squats, all sorts of pushups, burpees, core work and lots of calisthenics are all part of the mix.

Plus among the 25 videos Zuzana has now posted, are clips of her talking about her life, motivation, how to get in shape and even a no bake brownie tutorial!


 To me there’s something very endearing about Zuzana. Many of you know that the women with the abs of steel has had a rough go in life so it’s heartening to see her doing so well. We want her to succeed and do well. I know I do.

Now that aside, are the workouts any good? Heck yeah they are! It’s freakin’ Zuzana we’re talking about here, of course they’re great! I love the outdoor settings and scenery and I really like the quality of the videos. I also like that Zuzana huffs and puffs during the workouts, because I do the same thing during my YouTube workouts Just like me, Zuzana performs her workouts in real time that make it super easy to follow along.

So you guessed it – when it comes to Zuzka Light The Angry Trainer says: She’s still great – we love our Zuzana!



42 comments on “What’s BodyRock’s Zuzana Up To Now?

  1. yeah, we do love Zuzi a lot!!
    I left bodyrocktv because of the ridiculous amount of equipment and the over the top sexual pictures – it’s just too much.

  2. I totally agree with you Alfonso! There’s something about Zuzka that makes you feel like she’s a friend that truly wants the best for everyone :)

    I also like the style of her new videos. More focus on the workouts, less focus on various bodyparts :)

  3. “To me there’s something very endearing about Zuzana.” That’s exactly the reason I started doing the workouts. Plus the workouts are short but you’re sweating and breathing like you just put in an hour. Hope she keeps it up for a long time.

  4. I love her! I don’t know what happened between her and Freddy, who left whom and why she’s not on BR anymore, but there is something about her personality that is just super captivating and motivating! In comparision with BR, her workouts are easier to follow, the filming is less sexualized and she doesn’t make such an emphasis on being skinny, she encourages people to do the best they can and be(come) strong.

  5. Thanks! She is a lovable kid! I see her doing great things and having a bigger following than Bodyrock. Zuzka has more up her sleeve than a workout or two and has more personality than most fitness gurus. Thanks again, Alfonso!

  6. Thanks for posting this, I first heard of Zuz after your review of BodyRock, but could never get into the new hosts – so glad she has her own channel now!!

  7. I agree! I really missed her and was so excited to see she was back with her own channel and way less porno type shots, in fact nearly none of those. So refreshing!

    I still Bodyrock sometimes but all the equipment drives me crazy. I loved it best when it was the simplest.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE zuzka light. I have done all of the workouts and they are incredible, as has been pointed out, there is barely any equipment…which is excellent. Another thing I absolutely love is that before the workout begins, they do the 4 way split screen so you can see all the exercises (labeled) in store, how they are performed and how many reps. That way you don’t have to go through the whole video to figure out what each exercise is; I just write it all down, then follow my notes. This site and her channel are the best things that have happened to my fitness ever. Thanks ATF and Z.

  9. I’m a Zuzana fan too – been following since she was working out in her basement wearing boxer shorts! I’ve loved her since the start and am so happy to see her back. Though I do have to say, I miss the interval style workouts. All the ZWOWs so far have been time challenges or Timed workouts. But I’m pretty sure there’s a non-competition contract somewhere preventing her from using the same format as Bodyrock. I’m pretty that’s at least part of the reason she’s no longer using a gymboss, ugi ball or sandbag anymore either. Love the bodyweight workouts, don’t get me wrong, just a little sad she lost all those contracts built on her personality. Then again, I’m pretty sure she’s on a pretty steep trajectory again and will soon be soaring. Can’t wait to see it! :)

  10. i’ve been z’s fan from the very beginning of “that other site”. she’s high energy without being annoying, genuine, straight to the point, and HOT! i don’t go to br anymore. it’s gotten too commercial for my taste. too much gimmicky equipment.

  11. Love this review Alfonso and agree with you. I love Zuzka for the very same reason as well. I still BR once in a while but not as religiously as when she was still the host. Of course I like your workouts as well :D Maybe one of these days I’ll do another video doing your workout ;)

  12. Yes! I’m following ur zuzana’s reviews… Im so glad profesional ppl think good of her, and so many fans telling their stories of how she motivated them to get in shape , I wish I could shove all of this in some people’s faces! Oops… I’m sorry but I just get mad when some empty headed ppl just rant about her past and her fake boobs as if she ever said they were real ugh!! I don’t wanna say names but this Bianca who goes by fishing691 is commenting in every single video of zuzka and it’s just so annoying that I think she really should be blocked… Yeah… I’m ranting again…better go…

  13. As I stated in the review of the new BR, I prefer Z over the new BR mainly for the already mentionned reasons – no equipment, you can do them anywhere and just with your own bodyweight. Also her personality attracts me way more than Lisa’s – I dont really find her sympathic at all. Z’s workouts are highly efficient for me and go by very fast. I also love to workout in real time with her :) For the interval trainings: I also miss that, but it’s very simple to modificate a workout to that: So instead of the 20 reps per round, I do them in a 50/10 sec interval style like at the old BR. Z always worked best for me! (And yeah, this fishing is really obsessed with Z in a bad way, she highly goes on everybody’s nerves on Youtube…)

  14. I so do agree with you. I was kicked out of Bodyrock.tv facebook page because I expressed that I found the page had changed so much and it was all about sexuality now and not about health and natural beauty. I hate those boob/ass pictures and videos at the bodyrock.tv web page. They have totally lost their charm and it went away with Zuzana which is such a great person and killer workouts. Go Zuzana !!

  15. What I don’t understand about all the people who hate the “sexualized” image of the current BR… did you all think that the previous BR with Zuzana was NOT sexualized??? I mean, the camera was constantly zooming in on her ass and fake boobs. How is it any different now?

    I say this not to hate on Zuzana, because I’m a huge fan of hers. I just find it hypocritical that people are criticizing Lisa Marie’s fake boobs & sexy image when that was (and is) Zuzana’s stock in trade, too.

    • Well, of course the previous BR with Zuzana was also sexualized…more in the beginning then towards the end though. But right now, they pushed it over the top.

      Ealrier, it was t&a shots but Zuzana didn’t work out in a bikini slip or with half-naked bottom. I couldn’t almost see the shape of her labia.

      The workout titles were “suicidal sweat” but not “Glad you came”.

      THis is where it went over the top. The line may have been think, but it has been crossed. I don’t want to see Lisa’s almost-naked butt!

      • sorry for the fast-typing mistakes! It should have been “the line may have been thin” :)

        And to the fake boobs: Well, Zuzana had them aswell, true. But we got to know her with them and she didn’t make a big deal out of it. Somewhere she even said that she would probably not do it again.

        As soon as Freddy revealed his relationship with Lisa, she got a boob job. And while Zuzana said it took her 6 Months to recover and workout hard again, Lisa was into it as soon as possible. Same time she got fake hair and – not admitted but kinda obvious – fake lips. Now she looks like a Zuzana clone. This is not hating on her; but many people feel this is creepy….

    • Rayca

      Here, here. So true. Z also likes to get sympathy for her so-called “hard life”. Yet she still flaunts her sexuality even though she’s “free” from all that. After leaving BR, she was so frustrated by these L.A. producers that only wanted her for the cleavage. Poor thang. I think she’s phoney and pretentious. Somewhat smart but still very naive. Personally, I think her workouts are mostly ridiculous. Just not my style. I’m an old school gym rat girl. She does have IT though. Se la vie.

  16. happy that we can see zuzana again
    i love her workouts they changed my life
    i was so shocked when she quite bodyrock
    im still following her workouts on BR
    love you zuzka

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  19. Why is it that everyone seems to take “sides” like we are still in elementary school? I do BOTH the workouts..in the end the only person it can hurt is ME&MY FITNESS by choosing 2do 1workout over another. I don’t hang out with these people in REAL life, none of us know what truly happened. Even the well she did this…well now they are that…are very immature and seem to just be looking for any little thing 2take the “chosen side.” BR was ALWAYS sexualized. Both women have FAKE Boobs. I personally like the equipment bc its something I like in my routine, and I like Z’s also 4little equip. I feel like its grade school all over again!

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