Well, well – It looks like I’m once again talking about NBC’s weight loss show – The Biggest Loser.

For years The Biggest Loser has been a big hit for NBC – but now that the show is in its 13th season the ratings are seriously down, from a peak of over 10 million for Season 7 to an average of just 6 million a week this year. So I want to know if any of you out there are still watching the show – and if so, why?

I’ll admit that in the very beginning I was a bit mesmerized by the show and the transformations that took place. Truth be told, the before and after pictures are quite remarkable. Funnily enough, I remember thinking to myself how unlikely a pair Bob and Jillian were and thought for sure they’d go nowhere. Boy was I wrong huh?

But the Biggest Loser is a TV show first and foremost with a gym setting as a backdrop.

The problem as I see it is that the show focuses so much on weight loss that being healthy and fit becomes secondary. As a consequence we end up seeing many participants at the finale who just look wasted away and actually quite unhealthy. I think there needs to be more balance and education.

Over the years we’ve seen Jillian depart and be replaced by Kim Lyons, then come back and elevate herself and Bob to a whole new level. We’ve seen two new trainers, Brad and Cara go head to head with Bob and Jillian and fail miserably. Last year saw the addition of Dolvett Quince and Anna Kournikova – neither of whom impressed me, in fact Anna was an outright embarrassment (and I suspect was responsible for a good chunk of the show’s ratings slide) Now we have just Dolvett and Bob on the show – but as much as I may have bitched about them, it’s clear that the show’s glory years were the Bob and Jillian era. I sure do miss Jillian!

So tell me – are you still watching The Biggest Loser – and if so why? What do you think of Dolvett? And if you’ve stopped watching what made you turn off? Comment away…

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