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Paula Deen: Time To Stop Cooking Crap!


If you’ve been following me, you know I love to use words like ridiculous, insane and ludicrous. Well today’s story fits them to perfection!

Today it’s been widely reported  that celebrity junk-food chef Paula Dean has diabetes, and has now signed a multi million dollar deal to represent a diabetes drug. Say what?

Over the years Deen has come under considerable scrutiny for her high fat, high calorie recipes and her terrible food recommendations, especially for kids. This is a woman who suggests cooking deep fried butter balls! In 2009, Barbara Walters asked Paula how she could suggest kids eat cheesecake for breakfast or chocolate cake and meatloaf for lunch. Clearly Paula Deen is a fabulous role model wouldn’t you say?

Okay, I know what many of people will say, “You don’t have to eat her food or follow her suggestions”. And I totally agree. While I may be repulsed at the food Deen cooks and how she markets it, at the end of the day we all make out own choices what to eat. But for Paula to now become a spokesperson for a diabetes drug is just plain wrong in my opinion. I have a great idea – how about Paula starts to eat better and exercise instead? What about that? Then maybe she wouldn’t even need meds.

Listen, I don’t want to make light of Paula’s condition – but the truth is that many cases of diabetes are the direct result of poor food choices – food like the high fat, sugar, sodium and fried crap Paula Deen cooks. And there are also many instances of people who find they don’t need medical intervention to help with their condition simply because they became more active and started eating more nutritious foods. Why Paula isn’t trying this obvious remedy first escapes me.

Well actually it doesn’t. I suspect I know exactly why Paula ia taking meds – because it’s easy and she’s getting paid a lot of money to lend her name to the medication. How’s that for a message – don’t change how you eat, don’t go to the root of the cause, don’t try to be healthier, just Band-Aid and cover up your bad choices with a pill! And we wonder why the rest of the world views Americans as lazy.

Seriously, unless Paula goes on TV and admits that her past way of eating was terrible, and that she brought this on herself, I’ll have ZERO respect for her. This is a golden opportunity for someone in the public eye to send a positive message, and teach others how not to make the same mistakes they have. But I’m not holding my breath.

To be clear, I’m NOT saying exercise is a cure for diabetes, but in almost all cases it certainly helps. Deen may very well need meds no matter what she does, but in my mind you should always try the non-medical remedy first.

I wish Paula all the best and hope she gets better but I do wish she was using her platform in a different way.

Edit 1/16/2012 It’s been brought to my attention that I may have offended some people with type 1 diabetes by not specifying the different types of this disease and its causes. There are two types, Type 1 and Type 2. What Paula Dean has been diagnosed with is Type 2, or adult onset diabetes, which in many cases, not all, is a direct resut of poor diet and lack of exercise. Type 1 is a genetic issue, and is no way a reflection of the persons lifestyle, result of bad food or lack of exercise. My point was that more than likely, Paula Dean, through her own poor food choices has most likely caused this condition with her own actions. With that clarified, I still stand by my other thoughts and think it’s absurd for her to promote diabetes meds.

But what about you? Do you think Paula Deen should be a spokesperson for a diabetes drug? Do you ever cook her foods? And is she sending a bad message out to America? Comment away…

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30 comments on “Paula Deen: Time To Stop Cooking Crap!

  1. Um, I’ll be the first to admit I have made some of her recipes. And they are quite tasty.

    However, I’d equate most of Paula Deen’s recipes with other fast foods and the such – as as occasional treats and not for consumption daily!

    Additionally, I agree with the idea she shouldn’t be a spokesperson for a diabetes medication. It seems to be counter-intuitive.

  2. As someone who is from the South…actually from the same town that Paula Deen is from, Albany, GA….I grew up eating food like that…my mother could practically BE Paula with the way she cooks! I’m not going to lie….the food is delicious…but you can’t really eat that way all the time and not expect to suffer the consequences. It really doesn’t surprise me that diabetes has reared its ugly head…and I really hate it for her and, like you, hope that she begins to exercise and eat right to stop this mess dead in its tracks.
    I am very disappointed to hear that she signed a deal with the drug company..I, personally, would have kept quiet, made the changes I needed to make to fix my health and move on. She makes enough money as it is without this new deal.
    As stated previously, most if us in the South eat this way…the obesity down in this part of the country is appalling. I am a personal trainer and I stay busy! Honestly, most of my clients who are from the South see nothing wrong with the way they eat!
    I hope that Paula gets well….I know her family and they are all great, friendly, genuine people….I never would have expected this type of move from her….and I didn’t expect the smoking thing, either.

  3. Paula Deen is known for endorsing everything under the sun. That she’d do diabetes medication actually seems like a logical step.

    I can’t stand Southern Cooking, so I’ve never tried any of her food. I saw one recipe for sweet potatoes and I nearly barfed reading it. Who adds sugar to sweet potato mash? I guess it’s normal for some people, but seriously, they’re already too sweet, why add to it?

    I always thought of Paula Deen as a precursor to EpicMealTime and on par with the Semi-Homemade Lady. Fun to watch, but only for kicks and giggles, not to actually make. I guess if you want to make desserts or a celebratory lunch, sure, you could follow a few of her recipes. But they never really appealed to me.

  4. Cool-I hope this fat @#$$% drops dead…disgusting-as I recall TMZ published a photo of her squeezing the Situations abs some time back-would it be too much to ask the holy God of douchebags to dispatch both these useless sacks of @#$^ at the same time???

  5. I’ve watched her show and her cooking style, and cringed by the amount of butter she uses or her cooking techniques. It’s interesting because I believe her son came out with a show that will be a spin-off of Paula’s recipes, but he is going to make them lighter and “healthier”. Ironically, her endorsing a diabetes medication and being in the media, and maybe a role model or icon to some people who are fans, can indicate to people that if they have diabetes they too can just take their medication and continue living a lifestyle endorsed by Paula Deen that is centered around unhealthy meal preparation. I do not think we need to completely deprive ourselves if this is the way we enjoy eating, BUT it is so important to be mindful and aware of the many health risks associated with an unhealthy diet. Not to mention, if children are raised in an unhealthy environment, they may be overweight kids who turn into overweight adults due to observational learning. I am not trying to stigmatize anyone, I wish there were more preventative measures because unfortunately we can be a product of our environment (of course along with genetics) and may not have the opportunity to learn healthy food choices. I’m a big advocate on nutrition and child obesity, so sorry if I seem a little angry too lol

  6. Have never made any of her junk recipes, and never will. I mean it. I never will make her recipes because they are so unhealthy even eaten occasionally. I tend to be more along the lines of the book French Women Dont Get Fat, as well as a healthy California lifestyle. But lets be honest. The Food Network is funded my American junk food makers. And Paula Deen doesnt do anything in my view unless big bucks get paid.

  7. I agree with TS that its more entertainment value than anything. I mean Food Network has a wide array of different types and techniques of cooking, so one has a lot to choose from, as well as be entertained by. I also cringe at her cooking. As for the endorsement, if she does it she will only make herself look worse because these pharmaceutical companies team up with the fast food companies so diabetes brings them money. So way to go Paula for selling your soul, if that’s the case. So many people from the South eat like that though, its crazy.

  8. I wanted to say so much, cause i really disagree with her life style, but in the end its just sad, She is obese, unhealthy and sick, She represents so many in this country…..that is scary and sad.

  9. I always believed a good chef is someone who good make food taste good without all the cream, butter, sugar and other crap Paula added to her food. I think her cooking is disgusting. She should change her ways and bring her fans along…now that would be inspiring.

  10. I followed a link to this, and having been a sufferer of Type 2 Diabetes for 12 years, I can safely say: I did it to myself by eating the wrong types of food and wrong combinations of food, and I’m paying a whopper of a price. I lost a bunch of weight, so now I am diet controlled. Let me tell you about medication for this disease; hell on earth. You have to monitor blood sugar constantly, as the meds work to lower your sugar regardless of whether or not food in is your system. You can go into dangerous hypoglycemia without realize that it’s happening at the time.

    I agree that Paula Deen should OWN up, and devote her show to try to make smarter and healthier choices for herself. Promoting a diabetes drug is not the answer; losing weight and making smarter and better choices is the best way to proceed, as long as a doctor or dietician is involved. Paula needs to do the brave thing and change her way of eating. Diabetic drugs can be dangerous and have side effects.

    I’m not proud of being diabetic; I am doing my best for my family to learn from my mistakes so they can avoid this disease.

  11. After athletes make mistakes you then see them in the communities. Paula is no different. We are too judgmental. We don’t know what Paula has tried or planning to try i.e. better eating/cooking, exercise. So what if she is going to be a spokesperson and get paid. I don’t see trainers helping people get fit for free. That’s the world we live in. We all have to make a choice. No one makes us eat or cook anything. Why do we wait for somebody else to make decisions, motivate us or tell us how to live? Patti Labelle went through the same ordeal and made a positive impact. I wish Paula and her family the best with with this transition and healing.

    • I see your point but I’d argue that you don’t see personal trainers saying don’t workout – just get lipo or take diet pills. And since Paula has built a brand around around cooking absolute garbage, I feel as a public figure she has a responsibilty to speak about her choices and share her experience with others. And if she is exercising then great. Maybe her PR team should have released that info first before telling everyone she’s making millions for representing a drug!

  12. How convenient. Supplies for diabetics can be pretty pricey – so, how nice that she’s gonna rep a drug company. I’m an RN and everyday I see people with Type II diabetes and how their crappy lifestyle was the cause. Fact is, most cases of Type II are completely preventable with a bit activity each day and a sensible diet. Not only does Paula have diabetes, she significantly increases her risk for heart attack and other coronary syndromes. My guess is that she’s done little to change her lifestyle. Like Alfonso said, if she did, she probably should have released that info before the drug rep.

  13. As a personal trainer who apparently puts yourself out there as a health service, I think you do a disservice to the whole community in failing to distinguish between Type I and Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes if ofen (but not always!) the result of obesity and lifestyle. Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease that is in no way the fault of someone who has it. Statements like “the truth is that many cases of diabetes are the direct result of poor food choices” simply spread misinformation by accusing all diabetics of causing their own suffering. If you’re going to present yourself as any kind of expert on diabetes, start with the basics, and distinguish between the two types.

    • Melanie you’re completely right in your statement and I apologize for not specifying. I of course know the difference and should have been more clear. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I’m ammending the post immediately.

  14. I don’t understand why you are so hard on Deen. You must know that in many countries they eat the so called ‘unhealthy’ foods and yet do not have the rates of certain diseases and obesity that we do. I feel sad if you have never had french pastries or Beef Wellington, along with hundreds of other wonderful foods. Americans are so puritanical; it used to be fueled by Christianity, now it appears to be fueled by food doctrines. Your comments about Deen remind me somewhat of a preacher railing about a sinner. Deen didn’t live her life the way you thought she should, OK, but how much more fulfilling it might be if you had posted something about if Deen needed any help with an exercise routine, you would be willing to help her with that. Just a thought. Peace be with you.

    • Louise, you’re right about other parts of the world, the main difference being sheer portion size. Americans simply eat too much. Why am I hard on Deen? It’s simple, I think it’s crazy that she now has a contract for millions of dollars to sell a drug to band aid a disease she caused herself with her own food choices. Let’s be honest here, she’s promoted terrible eating habits for years, to young and old, and as far as I know, never prefaced her segments with any nutritonal adivice or warnings. It pisses me off that she becomes a celebrity through teaching us all how to make disease causing, artery clogging food, and then gets paid even more money to now sell us on a drug to fix a problem that very food causes!

      As I said, I wish SHE has mentioned exercie or made a statement about food and her personal choices. True, other areas of the world eat poor food, but none look like Americans.

  15. She just answered back to the media about it:,0,5638492.story

    My family is from Europe. I’ve also travelled alot around Europe. In addition to portion sizes being too big, I notice that in North America they add way too much sugar to everything. Who adds sugar to sweet potatos and the thought of KFC coleslaw? Yuck. They also have more additives that are legal to put into food here. I’d have a smaller portion of butter rather than hydrogenated butter substitute.

  16. Paula Dollar Deen is nothing but a $ham. She was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes for 3 YEARS and was still peddling too much fat and too much sugar all the entire time. She only came out with her diagnosis to become a paid spokesperson for a drug company. I guess she didn’t get an endorsement for a nicotine drug replacement. Interesting that she did not disclose her diabetes a month ago when making an appearance on Dr OZ. What a great example of humanity. Hope she gets a reality check soon and starts to put something out there that is not money driven. She has such a great platform to facilitate some serious change for so many but instead looks like the only change she comprehends has big dollar signs. $hame on you Paula for choosing not to deal with this the healthy way with diet and excercise but choosing to be a drug rep instead. You could have made a difference and become a hero – now you are just a zero!

    I work in the medical field and have no excuse when I found out I was Type 2 in November. I went on a strict diet and exercise program for just 6 weeks and my insulin level returned to normal. I also lost 35 lbs and am continuing the program as I have more to loose. Yes, we all make choices but Type 2 is easily preventable and correctable. You first have to own up to what you have done to yourself and then commit to change. I hear nothing of either concepts from Paula “Dollar” Deen.

  17. this subject is getting old and most people live in glass houses and shouldn’t be throwing stones! It’s not the health food network and like I heard someone say “anyone past the 5th grade knows her cooking isn’t good for you”! Personally I think there are much worse evils in the world like the growing affection for drive thru crap and the alarming rate at which we are adding gluten and other toxins to even our so called “healthy food”

  18. I haven’t made any of her food. For me it’s a no brainer. It all looks like a yucky tummy waiting to happen. It’s sad she’s now making big money off her poor diet. I doubt it would ever happen, but it would be nice to see her donate her take from this deal to programs that educate people, including kids, in health and nutrition.

  19. I’m SOOOO glad you wrote this blog!!!! I am with you – and I think it is horrible that she is willing to take money to represent a drug instead of showing the American people that one can use food and exercise to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. It is SOO easy to take a pill instead of making lifestyle changes. I’m just apalled and will probably never support her in any way. I have lost respect for her and her integrity….. Money talks, doesn’t it?

  20. I agree with everything you said except where you describe her as a “chef”. IMO Paula Deen is a cook (short order?) A chef doesn’t make a burger with egg & bacon in between two donuts.

  21. I saw her cooking show once, and I though she was insane with using all that butter and frying everything. I would never in my life eat food like what she offers on her show, I would rather eat my own toe nails.

    To be honest, it really upsets me when celebrities that already have plenty of money sell them selves out even more. I can’t stand it! This is a bit off topic for Paula, but when I saw the Kardashians sell diet pills I wanted to throw a rock through my TV. It makes me really mad, when I know that little girls are watching this stuff and then buying those pills.

  22. I agree with this article 100%! The drug creator should have gone with someone like Halle Berry, who has type 2 diabetes also, but she’s clearly a very fit woman, so obviously she *needs* more help than just diet and exercise. This would indicate that the drug company IS acknowledging that diet and exercise should be attempted first or during the drug use.

    Indeed, a lot of diabetes IS brought on by over-consumption.

  23. The Standard American Diet is not much to brag about. Most people don’t even really know what healthy food really is.

    Do an Internet search for a documentary named “Raw for 30″. This documentary took diabetics, and feed them raw food for 30 days.

    After the 30 days many people no longer needed any insulin at all as their blood sugar was normal. And everyone was drastically improved.

    It amazes me as to how much bad food makes it into our lives disguised as healthy foods.

    I just found your site here and look forward to trying out some of your circuits. Thanks for taking the time to do these videos.


  24. Type I diabetes is an autoimmune issue, not a genetic one. You can’t predict or prevent it. Type II is a genetic and a lifestyle issue. Also, they don’t use the term “adult-onset” anymore, especially now, when type II diabetes is turning up in children.

    I’d also like to mention that proper diet and exercise are imperative for any diabetic, meds or no. There is not a choice between diet and exercise or taking a pill. It’s diet and exercise and then see if you still need the pill, if you have type II.

    I’ve watched her show a couple times and it doesn’t surprise me that she now has type II diabetes. I’ve never tried any of it, though it looks delicious, but I don’t want to work that hard when I eat unhealthy food. I can’t imagine they’ll advertise a drug and say it takes the place of the lifestyle changes every diabetic has to make.

  25. I agree with your blog here. What I don’t agree with is the amount of hatred in the comments like people wishing she’d drop dead. Since this blog, I just saw she’s lost 60lbs I believe and has started eating healthy. Whether or not we agree with a person’s life style and eating habits it’s no reason to hate them or wish them ill will. I have never really watched her shows or tried to cook her food, knowing how to cook I’ve never felt the need to. I don’t agree with her endorsing a drug either. Just discovered your blog and will continue reading. Like blogs that are honest and to the point, just not the hatred that seems to come up in comments. I’ve always thought that if you have the guts to post something vile on the internet, you should include your name an email address to own up to it. just a thought. Keep up the good work.

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