Epic Meal Time

Truth be told, I’ve mellowed a bit since we launched the Angry Trainer Fitness site back in 2010…

The reason? I think I now understand better HOW and WHY people exercise, and the thinking behind their mistakes. I’ve also been enlightened by all your readers’ comments – and turned on to some new training ideas I may have previously discounted.

But there are some things that I’ll NEVER change my mind about. And today’s posting fits right into that category!

Yesterday I read on Perez Hilton  about Epic Meal Time, a web based phenomenon, that involves a bunch of guys cooking insanely high calorie meals.

Well now Epic Meal Time is being picked up as a regular TV show for the G4 network. So I have to ask – who would want to watch this show?

Based on the current web videos out there, the hosts act like tough guy food rebels. They cook large quantities of meats with alcohol and tons of bacon, all while talking in these ridiculous fake husky voices. Why some people would find this entertaining I have no idea. I couldn’t find one moment in the 5-minute clip I watched that remotely grabbed my attention and all I kept saying to myself is “these guys are idiots”. Yet they landed a TV show!


 But regardless of the quality of the show itself I think there’s a bigger problem here. Why are people watching this crap? How is it entertaining to watch grown men eat 5,000 calories meals? And Epic Meal Time isn’t the only show with a similar premise. There’s Man Vs Food on the Travel Channel (though at least host Adam Richman has a great personality) and Kid In A Candy Store, which takes a look at calorie busting desserts and sweets. So tell me – does this country really need another reality show featuring oversized plates of food. And we wonder why we have an obesity epidemic in America!

You know recently a big radio station in New York headed overseas and asked the locals what they thought of Americans. The majority of foreigners said that we’re fat, lazy, loud and greedy. And who can blame them when we export shows like Epic Meal Time around the world.

Sure, just like anyone else I can just change the channel and not watch. We all make choices with our remotes. But I guess I’m just especially sensitive to shows like these because we are a nation of obese people, struggling with health and medical issues. And I’m out here every day trying to educate people on healthy eating, fitness and that the right choices are within their grasp. Sure the Kardashian’s and other reality shows are mindless television too, but at least they don’t support or glorify a pandemic that is literally killing us.

I don’t get it. Do you? What’s the allure of this show? Do you find Epic Meal Time entertaining and why? Please enlighten me!