Joe DiAngelo

It’s time for another Testing The Trainers, and this one hits close to home – literally. While surfing the web I came across Joe DiAngelo and his Workout Loft studio in NYC. That’s just about 45 minutes away from me!

Joe’s website has some remarkable transformation photos of people who were clearly out of shape, and just 8 weeks later were sporting a serious six pack! Plus, he’s got some celebrity cred with 50 Cent working out under his guidance. Mr. DiAngelo is also a contributing writer to several fitness magazines and is known as a “transformation specialist” by his clients.

So what he’s all about…

Program Shakedown

Joe is an athlete first and foremost, and has around 20 medals to back up his achievements. In addition, he has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Regensburg, Germany & NYU, New York. According to his website, Joe has the highest success rate within the fitness industry with testimonials from his many clients as proof.

I actually couldn’t find any video or writings explaining Joe’s particular training style, but I’m guessing it’s a mix of bodybuilding and weightlifting style routines. The Workout Loft employs trainers who are competitive bodybuilders and mixed martial artists. I didn’t see any mention of functional fitness methods, just references to lifting weights and building muscles and how they enhance your metabolism and burn fat. Although my guess would be that Joe and his trainers throw in some plyometrics and stability exercises along with resistance training.

The Workout Loft site has shirtless photos of all the trainers, and some amazing before and after photos of clients. Joe has put together a nutrition program that goes along with his training to achieve maximal results in the shortest time. In addition Joe has a blog with useful information regarding diet and exercise, and just like myself, he calls out a lot of the myths within the fitness industry.

Joe says, “Training is so much more than just going to the gym!! Training is changing your lifestyle, your thinking process and the way you perform exercises.” Amen to that!


Clearly Joe and his trainers appear to be in great shape and have a firm grasp on nutrition and fat loss. After all, you don’t become a champion swimmer by not being athletic and ultra fit. And while I think the website looks a bit “fleshy” with all the shirtless and six pack photos, the results are incredible. Even though I’m not exactly sure what Joe’s training philosophy is, by reading his blog I can tell he’s informed. He talks about metabolism myths, the importance of building and maintaining lean mass, common diet mistakes, healthy recipes, dangerous food additives to avoid and more. It’s all really good information.

Joe has 10 years of experience with reshaping trainee’s bodies and formulating a plan that works. All of the trainers appear to be qualified, the testimonials seem legit, and Joe’s bald like me, so he has to be good (us baldies need to stick together!) Seriously, if you’re near the NYC area, are in a slump and looking to change your body, mind and lifestyle, Joe DiAngelo and his crew at Workout Loft may just be for you.

When it comes to Joe DiAngelo – The Angry Trainer says RECOMMENDED!